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So A Tribe Called Quest were on Reddit the other day doing an AMA. CLICK HERE if you’ve got a spare few minutes it’s a decent read, here’s some of our favourite questions & answers from it:


Q: What was it like working with Dilla?

A: Jarobi – It was dope working with Dilla, seeing someone like you know had like minded sensibilties of the quality and the craft of the music. especially coming from Detroit. He was a super fantastic guy. I saw a lot a things personally that i didn’t see that didn’t see with Tip. Monumental producers, I saw things that I never saw before.


Q: What has kept you motivated to be in the music business for so long, when it seems to be something that is tiring, stressful and can wear people out?

A: Jarobi – It’s my pleasure being here. As long as you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. I think that’s what it is. It’s the love and the passion for what we share, and express ourselves that we get to do. We’re fortunate that we get to this. People are still interested after all this time.


Q: What’s the best break you guys ever found?! Bonus: Favorite record store?!

A: Tip – I guess …. shit… there’s been a few that I found that were crazy. Lonnie Smith, Stainless Soul

Record Store – Jazz Record Center in NYC and there was in Oakland, that was before Love and Hate… earlier.. it could have been Groove Merchant. Couple ones in Japan, I like. NYC used to have a lot of dope record stores.

Jarobi – Suzy’s Hymen bowing


Q: Any up and coming artist you that you like at the moment? I need some new music!

A: Ali – I like Logic, Pell, singer Eryn Allen Kane

Jarobi – Cazal Organism


Q: What’s the most inspirational pieces of advice you guys have heard?

A: Phife – Don’t Quit your Day Job

Jarobi – Train hard, say your prayers, eat your vitamins. Be yourself… “kid no one digs your music, but yourself”

Tip – Don’t worry be Happy.. Be like water.


Q: What is your favorite dinosaur?

A: Jarobi – Velociraptor..come on! That’s easy. If you ever wanna laugh, think of T Rex making a bed!!

Tip – or playing the piano