So, what is HANTU?

Hantu is platform that helps creatives worldwide to channel and develop their passions. Through collaboration and mutual support we help others and ourselves to move forward in their field. Cross referring, promoting and skill sharing to become the best we can be.
We showcase the great things that our members are upto all over the world. This is either in the form of articles, pictures, video’s or through our store.

We are all about POSITIVITY and CREATIVITY so everything that we showcase is coming from a good place. No negativity or slander allowed.

we work with people with all kinds of talents. Mainly within the fields of FASHION, HEALTH AND WELLBEING, MUSIC, CULTURE and last but not least we have RAD TIMES bringing you only good news from around the globe.

Where We're From

We now are a worldwide collective of creatives from:
The United Kingdom, Spain, The Netherland’s, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and America.

Hantu originally started as a way for young men to express themselves better. Through engaging them in workshops, they learned how to convey their emotions onto garments using digital printing. The message of this social project was: “If you can’t say how you feel, wear how you feel. “

Gun & knife crime was rife in this area at the time. So this message resonated among many people.

Angga Kara (Founder) felt that using a creative outlet would aid society as whole and improve participants as individuals. Especially for potentially troubled or even dangerous young men. The outcome was extremely successful! Over 90% of the participants went onto finding full time employment and explored higher education. Some even continued creating their own garments & even teaching others how to.

What We Do

Since then Hantu has grown from strength to strength. Reaching to a wider clientele and encouraging more people to pursue their creative passions.

As a collective we have achieve so much! We have / are:

  • Been worn by Rudimental, Annie Mac, Wu Tang clan, Bonobo and many more music artists.
  • Curated various events for Redbull bringing creatives together.
  • Stocking on ASOS marketplace.
  • Stocking in various shops around the UK and Europe.
  • Sponsor the Tuesday Club Sheffield.
  • Sponsor various movement & dancing events all over the UK.
  • Held many charitable fashion shows collaborating with creatives from the North of England.
  • Brought together creatives from different disciplines to create amazing things.

These are just some of the great things that have happened and the journey is still going.

To conclude, we:

  • Are a community interest company.
  • Create beautiful ethical clothing & accessories. Have a gander at Hantu Batik.
  • Provide creative consultancy to startups and other social enterprises.
  • Provide creative marketing for brands to engage with the general public.
  • Provide a platform for collaboration and inspiration. To encourage people to work together, cross promote and share their skills generally. This is based at Union Street – a co-working space in Sheffield. Please see Common Catalyst,
  • Are an open minded and eclectic bunch so please feel free to get in touch with any ideas of your own.

Where We're Going

We love to travel, to meet and collaborate with exciting creatives worldwide.

We’re currently looking for NGO’s, and creative organisations in Indonesia. This is to create an international collaboration & develop Batik Village tours across Java, Indonesia. See our Hantu Batik section for more info on this project and go to … to check out a job opportunity we have.

We also aim to run workshops in the rural batik villages in Indonesia for the craftsmen and women. Showing them how to raise their profile as artisans in the digital world. Whilst still retaining their traditional craft we will show them how to promote internationally using social media. This will give them more leverage to compete with the cheaper but far less skilled computer made batik. Throughout our travels in Morocco, Thailand and Cambodia we have found that skilled craftspeople don’t know how to promote their work. As a result, amazing skills such as making handmade batik are dying out.

We will also be going to Japan in the Summer to gain inspiration for our next cultural collection. Watch this space to see what we get up to & dive into their passion, culture & fashion.

Finally, look out for our new Yoga line coming up soon. This is a collaboration with Unwind Your Mind Yoga.

Organic Collaboration

We’ve created the concept of organic collaboration. This is after doing countless projects and bringing people together from different disciplines. We ask:

  • How can you add passion or heart to projects?
  • How does each member of the team feel empowered, bring out their specialism & full attention to the problem that they are trying to solve?
  • How can you find the best people for the task?

Plus many more questions.

We have found the concept to be very useful and effective to help ideas evolve. We aim to encourage organic collaboration in the work that we do. This is one of the unique qualities of Hantu.



  • Alex Winslow
    Urna ullamcorper mi scelerisque fringilla a est mi pretium augue fringilla curabitur dapibus.
  • Redbull Canvas Coolers
    We brought together 5 exciting sheffield artists to add flavours & creativity Redbull fridges and distributed in the top bars and clubs in Sheffield.
  • Titile of Photo
    Urna ullamcorper mi scelerisque fringilla a est mi pretium augue fringilla curabitur dapibus.
  • Hantu Title
    Urna ullamcorper mi scelerisque fringilla a est mi pretium augue fringilla curabitur dapibus.
    We brought together the top Sheffield independents to take over the Leadmill ( music) to create a day of fashion, art and music. whilst Geo Law draws his iconic waves to the walls.
  • Andy H
    Urna ullamcorper mi scelerisque fringilla a est mi pretium augue fringilla curabitur dapibus.
  • Photo Title 3
    Urna ullamcorper mi scelerisque fringilla a est mi pretium augue fringilla curabitur dapibus.
  • Yoga Poses
    We brought together the top Sheffield independents to take over the Leadmill ( music) to create a day of fashion, art and music. whilst Geo Law draws his iconic waves to the walls.


Anggakara Narendradhipa Hantu Founder and Director

Angga Kara


Jogjakarta, Indonesia & Sheffield, UK

Angga kara is a social entrepreneur with a vast & varied past in the creative industries since 2003.

with a string of successful projects, international collaborations, he has blazed the trail with his other ventures like Yorkshire Tee Ltd, Rationale productions and Common Catalyst.

He is passionate about organic collaboration by bringing people together to solve problems and create interesting projects, being disruptive and innovative and putting Sheffield on the map.”

Angga has a varied and diverse life from providing creative consultancies, motivational public speaking to teaching dance. He’s social enterprise advocate with a wide network of creatives worldwide.

Did you know, Angga is also a:

  • Ted X Sheffield past speaker, ( TED = Technology Education & Design )
  • One of the top 100 Global Young Social Entrepreneurs of 2007 , Malaysia ( GBKP)
  • Founding member of Commision for Youth Social Enterprise, helped raised over £2M, celebrated at the HM Tresury, London
  • A dancer & performer of over 10 years specialising in popping, locking and house dance.
  • He has spent the last few years developing a program of movement meditation helping people of all ages to work through their emotions.
    This ties in with Hantu’s ethos of expression, thorough whatever medium is closest to your heart.

Oh he’s also had 2 thumbs up from Sir Paul McCartney.

andy H

DJ Andy H

DJ & Turntabalist // Sheffield, UK

As a UK DMC finalist and Redbull Thr3style UK finalist Andy H combines turntablism with good old skool party rocking. Resident at the biggest mid-week hip-hop, dubstep and drum n’ bass night in the UK, The Tuesday Club in Sheffield. Regularly playing to crowds in excess of 1000 every week, alongside the very best in the scene, including KaytranadaSkream, Benga, DJ CrazeKentaro, and DJ Qbert. Originally specialising in Hip-Hop but just as happy dropping Dubstep, Drum & Bass or anything that gets the crowd jumping. With releases on various labels including Tru Thoughts, Fierce Panda and his own label First Word Records, home of The Haggis Horns, Kidkanevil and 6ix Toys.

Michael Masser Photographer

Michael Masser

Photographer // Copenhagen, Denmark

As a lover of both landscape and portrait photography he now combines those two passions whenever he can to create stunning portrait images incorporating beautiful landscapes such as those from his photoshoot with model and YouTube celebrity, Cassandra Bankson.

Recently he has been working more and more with video projects ranging from timelapses in cities such as New York, Boston, Copenhagen and Sheffield, to short videos for events such as breakdance battles, popup bakeries, fashion summits and live music concerts.


Alex Winslow

Parkour  // Bangkok, Thailand

Born and raised in Sheffield but luckily his parents understood the importance of travel and would take him all over from as long as he can remember. His oldest memories are being on a road trip across Europe with his family. Staying with his mums friends, camping and staying in hostels. They would always figure out a way to make it work regardless of their funds or lack of.

In 2012 he lived in Sydney for a year, running a parkour and free running facility with some of my best friends.

He’s been practicing parkour and free running for just over 8 years now and it’s taken me all over the world and been the catalysts for meeting the most unbelievable people.

Now living in Bangkok trying to utilise his skill set as a free runner. Pursuing a career in movies and advertisements as well as consulting for McJeans, one of the countries biggest jeans manufacturers.

Emma Cooke Model

Emma Cooke

Model // Sheffield, UK

Amazing full-time agency represented model based in the UK focusing on lifestyle and commercial modelling. Emma is the very down to earth for a model of her caliber and experience.

Ereson Capiton B-Boy

Ereson Capiton (Bboy Mouse)

BBoy & Dancer // London,UK & Philippines

Winner of the 2006 UK world bboy Championships, with wealths of knowledge in the history of Breakin & part of the Mighty Zulu King ( more info: Afrikaa Bambata ) Mouse has been competing & supporting the dance scene for over a decade. Past few years he’s been spreading his knowledge of positive hiphop mentality & dance to orphans in Philippines to give them an outlet of expression, self confidence & a way to be entrepreneurial.

Chaz Bboy & Videographer


Bboy & Videographer // Glasgow, Scotland

Bboy & Videographer with wealth of knowledge in filming urban movement, Chaz has been to film all over UK & Europe to the top bboy competitions. Not only as a freelance, he was also part of Strife TV. Now he and some of the founders of Strife.tv has decided to start their own movement platform online called Stance. So far it has been the fastest growing youtube channel in urban movement & dance knowledge from pioneers.