Artist Transforms Trauma Victims’ Scars Into Cathartic Tattoos

This is on a similar vibe to our last post about the work of Helene Gugenheime but with tattoos instead of gold leaf.

Auberon Wolf is a tattoo artist and self harm survivor from Vancouver who has been tattooing over the scars of trauma victims as a form of catharsis to help people reclaim their bodies after whatever they may have suffered through.

Auberon Wolf

Wolf’s clientele covers people who have suffered from all sorts of trauma from self-harm and suicide attempts to domestic abuse and breast cancer survivors. Speaking to The Huffington Post about her own self-harm, wolf said;

“Those tattoos … contain elements of nature that feel larger than me — more beautiful than the ugly of my pain. They disguise my scars from myself and the world when I don’t need reminders of my bad moments interrupting my good.”

When discussing the tattoos with clients Wolf says they normally sit down for a tea or coffee and begin brainstorming;

“It is not required for anyone to share more than they want to, though I want to leave the door open whenever possible for somebody to feel connection during the process of tattooing,”

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As you can imagine, the clients are very happy with their artwork when it’s finished. Jenny Magenta received a flower bouquet  to cover two separate scars, one from a failed suicide attempt and one from a horrible experience using an intravenous needle to treat a migraine. Speaking to CBC Jenny said;

“I now have a beautiful piece of art here, I’m able to use this as an empowering device. I don’t get traumatized anymore.”

Jenny Magenta's Flower Bouquet

Auberon Wolf Links: Website // Facebook // Twitter

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