Biodegradable Water Bottles Made From Algae

A bit late on this one but it’s awesome anyway so if you haven’t already seen this, get ready to be impressed.

Ari Jónsson is a product design student at the Iceland Academy of the Arts and has designed a biodegradable water bottle made by combining red algae powder with water! He adds agar powder to water to make a jelly like substance and then slowly heats it before pouring into a bottle shaped mould that’s been kept cold in the freezer. The mould is then submerged in ice cold water and rotated so that the jelly/liquid covers the inside of the mould and takes on the shape of a bottle, it is then placed in the fridge for a few minutes to set before being extracted from the mould.


The bottle keeps its shape as long as it is full of water but as soon as it’s emptied it begins to decompose, and since the bottle is made from all natural materials the water inside is perfectly safe to drink, in fact if you like the taste of it you can even eat the bottle! Pretty dope right?


“If it fails, or if the bottom is too thin or it has a hole in it, I can just reheat it and pour it into the mould again,” said Jónsson to Dezeen.


Now we just need the big water companies to implement this into their products, but it’s a step forward for sure. Biggups Ari Jónsson!

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