This year’s massive Tuesday Club line ups have arguably stepped things up from last year. Proof of this came in a massive return for Bondax, with special guests Maribou State also coming back to Foundry and Rev. Austin in tow to open the night.


Opening another sold out event, Rev. Austin got things going with a range of ambient big beats. His tune choices that ranged from funky house to hip hop, incorporating most styles in the process. Popular cuts from Disclosure, Kendrick Lamar and CHVRCHES ensured an upbeat start to the night. Rev. Austin’s impressive production and mixing skills were left in no doubt at all.

Foundry was packed out by the time Maribou State took to the decks. After their memorable back-to-back set with Pedestrian last year, the standard had been set. True to form, Maribou State delivered a fun, diverse set, featuring everything from their own tunes to a Tame Impala remix. This continued the variety and quality of the night, and Maribou State’s return delivered the goods.

The night was finished up with an hour and a half of tunes from the night’s main attraction Bondax. Armed with an impressive visual setup, they played hits ‘All I See’ and ‘Giving It All’ in the first part of their performance. Both tunes were remixed in the form of impressive edits, and the quality did not stop throughout the ninety minutes. Balancing the popular with a selection of deeper cuts, Bondax once again delighted all at TTC with a versatile, strong appearance which justified their continued ascent on the British dance music scene.

One of the most exciting electronic music duos around, Dusky’s appearance at another sold out Tuesday Club event was a real coup. It’s safe to say they did not disappoint.

Main support on the night came courtesy of Pedram. He had previously appeared on support duties for Wookie, and was able to showcase a different range of sounds in this slot. As clubbers filed into Foundry, Pedram did not disappoint in picking a variety of big tunes from the likes of Disclosure, setting the vibe up for the night nicely. Also worthy of a mention are the strong range of DJs who were appearing in room 2, as part of a takeover from fast rising Sheffield brand Pretty Pretty Good.


A great atmosphere had built when Dusky finally took to the stage. Their visuals were among the best to grace TTC in the last year or so, adding ambience to the venue and perfectly accompanying their set. The 90 minutes mostly consisted of tracks from their stellar new album ‘Outer’. Collaborations with Gary Numan and Wiley – ‘Swansea’ and ‘Sort It Out Sharon’ respectively – were among the best received tunes, and this was testament to the sheer class of the production. A truly memorable performance captivated the crowd.

Things were rounded off by Trevino. His tune choices saw him rise to the occasion of following Dusky, selecting and mixing to an enviable standard. Trevino ensured that another quality night on a high.



With hundreds of people still buzzing about the previous week’s sold out season launch, The Tuesday Club returned to Foundry on 28 September with another stellar line up.

After resident DJ Andy H performed his standard hour long set to get the crowd going, Jax Jones took to the decks. Jones supported Bondax at TTC last year, and his stock has since risen thanks to high-profile remixes and his summer smash ‘House Work’. He relied less on remixes than he did last October, and his command of the decks has improved significantly. An hour’s worth of quality bass house had the crowd bouncing, with ‘House Work’ getting the biggest reaction. Jones proved he has what it takes to continue his mainstream success.



Next up was Chris Lorenzo, best known for  collaborations with Hannah Wants. Over the course of 75 minutes, he delivered an incredibly strong set. Signature song ‘Rhymes’ met with a huge response, flowing nicely into a ‘Pump Up The Jam’ edit. The likes of ‘Nightmare’ demonstrated how strong his solo efforts are. Artists from Ed Sheeran to Kendrick Lamar were also featured and remixed, in a relentlessly strong set.


In the closing slot was Friend Within. If you’ve stepped foot in a club in the last 18 months, you’ll have probably heard ‘The Renegade’ at least once. However, Friend Within proved there is far more to his talents than what is currently his defining track. Seamless mixing and up-tempo house numbers saw the event off nicely. This was assisted by an incredible atmosphere in Foundry that persisted throughout the night.

While the night seemed to end too soon, this reflected its quality. The event’s three attractions all smashed their performances. For value for money, atmosphere and high quality, high energy dance music, The Tuesday Club remains unbeatable.

Written by: Dominic Penna

Twitter: @DominicPenna

Photography by: Elouisa Georgiou Photography

On S14256449_10206665314063782_223647351_naturday 3rd October, the day had arrived to host the Young Minds Matter LX pop up festival event as a collaboration between Elevate Young Minds, Hantu Collective and EKA Palace.  The day began with final technical rehearsals and the set up of the art exhibitions from Portuguese based artists and graffiti work on the walls continued to be erected. As the day progressed we really began to get a feel for the space as it gathered atmosphere and character, the rooms were soon teaming with character and creativity. The team was hard at work throughout the day and artists and volunteers from the UK took part in a contemporary technique workshop lead by dance artist Kayleigh Price. The togetherness of movement helped to bring centering between everyone and we continued to be more focused throughout the day. The evening drew in and many other local Portuguese artists began to arrive to contribute in the creativity. A welcome talk was shared between the directors of EYM, Hantu and EKA including a short ice-breaker task where all participants called out everyone’s name in the room individually. The mix of culture in the space was phenomenal and people from all across the world were connecting over the passion for the arts.

6:30pm arrived and the show was opened with ‘Rise to Vertex’ by UK based14248780_10206665317303863_565954170_n Stitch Theatre, this lively piece set the scene
for the evening and soon the building was brimming with locals, tourists and holidaymakers who were passing through. The team had been hard at work with promotion and the posters that had been placed around the
city drew in a crowd who wanted to experience as much of the event as possible. The evening continued following a jam packed schedule of Contemporary Dance, Theatre, Live Music, Art and MC14285028_10206665250622196_827910711_o performances. As you wandered through the space there was always something around each corner to catch the eye, whether it be the delightful shop hosted by EKA or the work that was being sold by local artists,
the bar service was excellent and there was always a band playing that provided ambiance for the venue that only added greatness. The night ended with music and an MC performance that entertained the late night stopper who were able to dance and enjoy the experience until the early hours. The EKA Palace truly was a place of inspiration as the night time drew in and the lights on the iconic balcony glittered into the Lisbon skyline.

As a conclusion the EYM team combined with ongoing support from Hantu Collective, Lost Lisbon and EKA Palace was able to create an event that celebrated the work of artists from all across the world 14218596_10206665314143784_1120469065_nand they were able to join together in unity to share this passion. New connections and exchanges were made, many things were learnt and every person involved in this experience will be able to take away at least a shared experience of this artistic exchange. It was a pleasure as artists from the UK to be able to have the support to take part in this exchange and to share what we know with others, with this we were able to see how much more there is to creativity than what first meets the eye.

And with this, feeling very positive about the future the team moves forward on to the next venture and carrying the wonderful experience of artistic venture with them on too whatever the future holds next.

Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592) is responsible for some of the most influential books ever written.

During the French Renaissance, ancient Greek and Roman thought was highly admired and it was considered inappropriate to talk about your own views of the world.

Montaigne mocked the arrogance of such intellectuals. He suggested that everyone is capable of being wise if they only take time to examine the world around them and come to ‘know themselves’.

If we do not understand something, it is not because we are stupid, but often because it hasn’t been explained well enough.

Here are a few Mich-quotes to finish on:

Lend yourself to others, but give yourself to yourself.

Even on the most exalted throne in the world, we are only sitting on our own bottom.

Nothing is so firmly believed as what we least know. 

Day 2 featured a day of cultural hip-hop exchange hosted by Lost Collective, who featured as a partner and enhancer in the collaboration with EYM and Hip-Hop Valley/Natural Collective from Portugal. The artists from the UK and Portugal came together for a day of cultural exchange not only in movement but through words as well. In a rap talk that was held, they explored what hip-hop means in their cultures and connecting over the similarities and differences.


A video presentation enlightened hip-hop battles over the last 10 years which spurred on a battle/jam between the UK and resident crew of Lisbon. The battle was thrilling to watch and was teeming with energy, life and vibrance as these people form all over the world connected through dance. The day did not end with dancing though, as Lost Lisbon generously provided dinner for all artists and volunteers at a small charge. The night then continued into local bar Copenhagen, where the dancers had space to move, cypher and network.


Whilst the exchange was taking place, the artist liaisons from the EYM team were at base at the EKA Palace putting together preparations for the following days event. This included creating space for art exhibitions, making the space studio ready for performers and making sure everything was running smoothly.
Day 2 was jam-packed for all involved in both performance and preparation, yet the day was strung together with thoughts of unity, exchange and collaboration.

Day 1 of Elevate Young Minds at EKA Palace and Lost Lisbon!

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The accommodation for all artists and volunteers was generously offered with sponsorship by Lost Lisbon, an arts hostel based in the heart of the city centre. The hostel offers a unique flavour of art that hints at cultural inspiration and quality with vintage items of cameras, televisions and typewriters. Upon arrival you were stunned by the historic staircases which made the centre of the building, Lost Lisbon although created as if it is an art exhibition, features classic spacious rooms, tinted with vibrant art and serine water views. The EYM team met together for a generously provided breakfast to begin discussing the plans for the festival and looking forward to the hip-hop cultural exchange which is hosted by the hostel itself. This juxtaposition of art, accommodation and hip-hop culture really creates a place to stay that is unlike any other, one that inspires.14233380_10206637329804193_1075910228_o

The festival is held by and located at EKA palace, a performance and arts building tucked away between the risen streets of the city. Walking through the front door provided stunning views with rooms tainted with cultural and intricate designs. The rooms are decorated with paintings and graffiti art, none the same but each bringing an aura of colour and life to the space. The outside veranda hosts again vibrant art with beautiful space where the heat of Lisbon can really be enjoyed. EKA hosts a range of clothing and an independent bar which supports the bringing together of the artistic scene.
EKA hosts events and exhibitions as a collective and it is through previous partnership that this collaboration came about. Between three spaces in the space, there is a room for art exhibition, dance and theatre performances and live music and slam poetry. This collaboration really allows for artistic generosity and exchange, artists are able to move through the space and be inspired continuously by all different forms.  EYM will be resident artists here for three days as we pass through this creative collaboration.


The first day of the collaboration featured technical rehearsals and classes lead by performers and experts in the industry who are interested in sharing their passion and talent. The first class was shared by Daniel Phung  from the UK who lead a contemporary dance exploration to reconnect the body and find peace in the city. We also saw technical rehearsal from Stitch Theatre, Daniel Phung and Kayleigh Price and Edenamiuki Aiguobasinmwin , Bethan Ellis and Matthew Hill.  Both artists and volunteers took the time to explore the building and prepare themselves for the festival before heading back to Lost Lisbon, where we engaged in a talk on the ecology of human relationship and non-violent communication. The talk really drew back the idea of unity between young people and artists and the day ended on a sense of peace and togetherness.

They do so much more than that but you need a short snappy title don’t you? Anyway yeah, these guys are promoting a healthy lifestyle and fresh diet whilst raising awareness for and joining the dots between climate change, social justice, organic gardening, environmental awareness and hip hop.

DJ Cavem (aka Ietef Vita) and Mixmaster Alkemia (aka Arasia Earth) run seminars, workshops and community programmes through their organisation Going Green Living Bling which include a culinary concert called “Food On Fleek” and screenings of their documentary “From Gangs To Gardens”. They are dedicated to promoting an organic and healthy lifestyle from setting up a grocery store/grow space called The GrowHaus where you can buy and grow organic vegetables, to releasing a vegan cookbook called Damn Near Raw and releasing an album/curriculum called The Produce Section: The Harvest, this couple are up for educating and promoting  a healthy lifestyle through any medium they can get their hands on.

Ietef was nominated for the 2014 Music Educator Grammy, has spoken at TedXManhatten and was even invited to The White House for the 127th Easter Egg Roll to perform their Culinary Concert.

“My goal is to promote the idea of holistic health, permaculture, urban agriculture, yoga and culinary wellness. Unfortunately, sometimes there’s almost a resistance to anything like that in our community. For example, in my school programs sometimes I’ve had to disguise yoga as breakdancing, math and engineering as music production and language arts as poetry and spoken word. I try to teach the students about how they can create their own business in urban agriculture. I also have a curriculum that introduces educational plant-based cooking, as well as juicing and raw foods. I have a lecture series that covers EcoHipHop, food justice, gang intervention, race and politics, organic gardening and graffiti art. I even lead a class called HipHop Yoga.” Ietef tells NBC.

Needless to say, trying to promote this kind of stuff to communities where there’s literally more liquor stores than grocery stores is no easy task but the couple have thrown themselves at the challenge whole heartedly and their sincerity definitely shows.

Check the couple’s Ted talk below:


Fresh from their set at this years Kendal Calling I have S-Unit and Mike Clipboard in for the guest mix on this months Rotation show on UK Mondo.

S-unit has been on the Sheffield scene for a while now and has played main stage at Tramlines, many high profile Sheffield events and even supported Toddla T on his Australian tour.

I caught up with them both before their guest mix to chat about music, Sheffield and the promotion game.

First up Mike as we have know each other the longest. By my rough calculations you must be heading towards promoting your 1000th event fairly soon with all the years of  weekly Tuesday Clubs, Urban Gorilla, Valve, Suckerpunch, Wait, Quality Control plus your recent run of events O2 Academy events. What is it that keeps you pushing on bringing new music to Sheffield?qclogo

 Mike – Haha I think you’re probably right about the number of shows – oof that makes me feel proud and tired in equal measure! I’ve always been a music fan and keen to share new music I like with anyone who’d listen. So I feel very lucky that a big part of my job has involved bringing acts I love to Sheffield, to a new audience, as well as working with established acts that people in the city are desperate to see.

 Can you name a few of the artists that have really stood out for you?

Mike – That’s a big list. From back in the day at TTC, the likes of Quantic Soul Orchestra with Spanky Wilson, Aloe Blacc, DJ Dexter from The Avalanches, Raekwon – they were all awesome shows. Over at Urban Gorilla I got to work with the likes of Booka Shade, Agoria, Josh Wink, Rolando, James Lavelle and tons more. Quality Control meant we could bring DJ Derek and The Reflex to an intimate venue too – there’s been loads of good stuff over the years.

 More recently in terms of new stuff on a local level I think KOG & The Zongo Brigade are a great band from Sheffield, Omni Prezidents are making some great hip hop, Steel City Rhythm are getting plays from Rodigan and obviously there’s even more artists breaking on a national level, as Coco has most recently. I also think Baba Naga and Sievehead are great bands and I’m looking forward to hearing more from LOGS too. My musical remit has really opened up since moving to O2 Academy Sheffield, so there’s now more opportunities than ever before for me to work with Sheffield musicians as well as artists on a national and international level. I love my job.

 What would be your dream artist/line up to finally get to Sheffield?

 Mike – Hahah dream lineup would probably be Stevie Wonder & Chaka Kahn? Or something a bit more realistic would be Kendrik Lamar with Kamasi Washington / Anderson Paak?

Tell me about the Australian show last year. How did that come about and how were they in contrast to back here in the UK?

Sunit – I first met Toddla over 10 years ago now through a bar called Dulo which was a proper hub for people into our kind of music at the time…it wasn’t necessarily a genre thing…just good music & like minded people. We became friends & around the same time he moved down to London his manager moved up to Sheffield. We’d met before & he didn’t know too many people here so we started hanging out & just really hit it off. The three of us always seem to end up having a lot of fun when we get together so it was him who asked if I wanted to come to Australia…it’s a long way & with all three of us going we knew it would make for a memorable trip rather than being just a work thing for T. We did a warm up for each gig & T did a long set & finished things off as only he can. It was a very intense trip…half way round the world for three shows in Perth, Melbourne & Sydney then back home all in the space of a week! The gigs & crowds were all great but they have strange licensing laws over there so things started & were over much earlier in the night than in the UK. I do remember everyone we spoke to at the shows being heavily into Grime which I didn’t expect at all…one guy was so excited to meet Toddla because he had done some work with Skepta & JME & that was literally all he wanted to talk to him about!

Apart from meeting Craig David how was your first Kendal Calling experience?Kendal-Calling-Sign

Sunit – I’ve heard nothing but good things about Kendal from when it first started & my girlfriend went last year & loved it. I have always wanted to go but with one thing & another i never got round to it so to get to play there & experience two days of the festival was great. It’s a beautiful setting, not too big but with loads of hidden stuff to explore, the crowd are friendly, the lineup has something for everyone, the stages are well organised & you can get a good pint for 4 quid…I’d recommend it to anyone looking for something alternative to the more well known big festivals…not that there is anything wrong with those, it’s just nice to know there are other options.

And…Craig David…for various reasons i have a special place in my music collection for ‘born to do it’ even though it may not be something i’d necessarily play out. When he went through what he did a while back & moved to America it became easy to forget what a truly great pop album it is. I’d heard friends say he was the best act they saw at Glastonbury this year & i kind of laughed it off until i saw it for myself. I came back from Kendal completely agreeing…& to top it off he was an incredibly nice man.

When you DJ together what should people expect?

Sunit – Well mainly I’d keep the expectations low…

Jokes aside…just good, fun, soulful music! We have a very similar taste so we compliment each other well…before I met mike properly one of my housemates at uni had this mix CD which she played a lot & i loved it…i had literally every track in my own record collection & it turned out it was by some guy called Clipboard

Listen to the full show here