Young Minds Matter LX- VOL2

In the 21st century, where a number of environmental and political catastrophes have lead the human race to an undeniable period of uncertainty, the hopeful, fresh voice of the youth seems more essential than ever. However, we as artists, perceive things differently. Our nature causes us to analyse the situation in a much more poetic way, a way that looks back into the routes of the problems and deconstructs the factors of these issues in their entirety. We are by default to repeatedly analyse and try to find reasoning in everything. Hence, now, when our nation needs us the most we ought to gather our forces and use our artistry as a medium, not only to unite, but to bring awareness to the youth.

Our exchange program ‘Young Minds Matter’ is a youth lead international exchange project where young artists from European countries converge their diverse artistic mediums and approaches to create a fascinating three-day festival, combining theatre performances, street shows, concerts and an exhibition to reflect current youth voices on post Brexit, Islamophobia, xenophobia, mental health, hate speech, racism and violent extremism in Europe.

How to apply? 

Our application form requires the artists (from any field/related field of the artistic industry) to clearly state their creative direction in a few words. The description does not need to be long but  preferably summarised , giving a clear idea of the artists’ intentions and subject of interest. The idea is that all participants want to actively raise awareness about global issues and use their voice to inspire and give hope to the younger generation of a sustainable future in terms of economy, ecology, politics, etc.

Participants accepted on to this program will have the opportunity to create a variety of new work, by engaging in an experimental film project, a performance project and an interpersonal exhibition collaboration. All applicants should be ready to adapt, network and grow through their interaction with other fields of the artistic industry. As cross disciplined collaboration is the main concept of the expedition all participants should be aware of its importance as the only medium of personal and collective growth

Programme dates: 4th – 13th September 

Application deadline: 17th July 2017

Request and application form at: / FB: Elevate Young Minds 

Note that you will be required to self fund or join fundraiser to cover the cost of the programme.

This project ran in a similar fashion last year with great success and we look to continue to grow by bringing new artists with fresh ideas into the fold. We look to promote new work and push boundaries by encouraging the experimental work being developed throughout Europe and across the globe. Every artist has their voice embedded in their work, let us use this to create a better world for not only our generation but the many generations to come.


As the Tanzanian exchange has come to an end words cannot describe the amount of experiences our team has received. We unquestionably set off from the UK in order to offer as much as we can to the communities of Dar es Salaam, however we believed that at the end of the day we have earned and grown as activists, as artists and as human beings. Being in direct contact with the Tanzanian culture, all with the help of Baraka Chedego who has been more than hospitable, we were able to learn and prepare ourselves for even better and bigger exchanges for the years to come. While a lot of the collaborations/ knowledge exchange programmes/ performances were organised beforehand with the help of SAYI Tanzania, a lot more connections were made during our stay there. This only proves the power of art- of music and dance- and how it acts as the common language that bridges cultures and connects people together. Hence, a big thank you to ‘Nafasi’’ Art Space that welcomed us and shared a contemporary dance experience with the members of elevate young minds as well as the non-profit Makini organisation for allowing us to inspire and support the children and youth living and working on the streets in Tanzania to improve their life.   Special thanks to Angel of Youth, Forgotten Heros, Famn Entertainment, Chloe Bellou, Edenamiuki Aiguobasinmwin and maximilian zeuge.

Mike Skinner and Chris Lorenzo will top the bill at The Tuesday Club Summer Carnival, it can be announced today.

The last time Lorenzo packed out Foundry

The Carnival will take place on Tuesday 6 June, running from 4pm in Bar One right up until 4am in Foundry.

The legendary Skinner, best known for his work in The Streets, last headlined TTC in December 2015, while Chris Lorenzo has fast cemented himself as one of the most in demand names in the UK dance scene.

The line-up reflects a wide range of genres. Bassline, garage, grime and drum and bass will all be represented through sets from Holy Goof, Wookie, Swindle and Mollie Collins & IC3.

After his huge set at Detonate Sheffield in February, Holy Goof – playing TTC for the first time – said “I’ve heard great things about Tuesday Club, so I’m really looking forward to making my debut!”

Resident DJ Andy H will be on warm up duties as always, while Channel One Sound System return to Sheffield for a daytime mix in the Bar One gardens.

Also announced today were Displace and Coxie going back to back, as well as sets from Simmerdown DJs and Chief Pukka Sound System. More acts are still to be confirmed.

Early bird and first release tickets sold out rapidly before a single act was announced, with second release tickets currently flying out.

Last year’s summer party was a huge night which saw Preditah, Cause & Affect and Elf Kid deliver huge sets which more than compensated for a certain MC not turning up.

This year’s Carnival is looking like another roadblock event – don’t miss out on Sheffield’s biggest dance line up in some time.

Once again, Just Jam International went down in Newcastle, England. This year was the 9th edition and, this time, there was a different format. Firstly, the battle has changed from a 1vs1 to a 2vs2 event. Then, they separated the battle over the space of 2 days. With a cypher qualification on the first day and the top32 battles on the second day.

As expected, people travelled from around Europe to be a part of the event. With crews such as Total Feeling, Bad Trip, Flow Mo, FloorGangz, Last Alive and Ruffneck Attack battling for first place. While being judged by Lil’ John (USA), Thomaz (POL), and Floor Phantom (USA).

In the end, FloorGangz took first place against Flow Mo crew in a stylistic final battle. We’re looking forward to seeing how the 10th edition goes down!

The 19th edition of Freestyle Session World Finals took place last November. With B-Boys and B-Girls travelling from all over the world to be in Los Angeles for the event.

Once again, just like at Silverback Open, there were many highlights of the event. Plus the competition level was insanely high! El Nino won the 1vs1 battle and FoundNation took first place in the 3vs3 battle. With Yasmin winning the B-Girl battle and Master Mace + Weapon X winning the kids battle. It really was a spectacular event!

This year now marks the 20th anniversary of Freestyle Session. With announcements already being made about the format of the battle. Re-introducing the crew battle to replace the 3vs3 – with the emphasis of only “real” crews being allowed to sign up. Will be interesting to see how the next edition unfolds!

The third instalment of Silverback Open Champs happened last October – and it was the biggest one yet! With a total of $100,000 given away as cash prizes throughout the B-Girl battle, 1vs1 and 3vs3 battles.

So many incredible moments happened. Including Remind (Style Elements) making it to the quarter finals of the 1v1s at 39 years old.

In the end, Narumi won the B-Girl battle, Thesis won the 1vs1 battle, and Pocket, Sunni + Kuzya won the 3vs3.

The competition is so tight and the level keeps growing each year. Almost every battle could be a final battle. The next edition will happen on Oct. 7th and 8th and we’re looking forward to being there!

Friday 3 March saw The Sherlocks come home to Sheffield as part of a sold out UK tour.

Support came from Sundance and Oddity Road. Two promising local guitar bands in a similar mould to the night’s headliners, both delivered promising sets; expect big things from them in future.

A series of indie anthems over the PA lifted the spirits of the room even further before The Sherlocks finally took to the stage. Starting off with crowd favourite ‘Last Night’, they instantly got the whole room going.

They have come on leaps and bounds as a band since their first single and playing pub venues in 2014. Kiaran Crook’s vocals have matured to make him an expressive, ideal frontman, while the band have an enviably tight live sound, the result of non-stop gigs and festival appearances.

Singles ‘Escapade’, ‘Heart of Gold’ and ‘Live For The Moment’ opened up huge mosh pits across Foundry. Calmer moments came as unreleased tracks ‘Candle Light’ and ‘Motions’ showed their versatility as songwriters.

Ending on most recent single ‘Was It Really Worth It?’ and traditional set closer ‘Chasing Shadows’, the band seemed in disbelief by the reaction they drew as they said a humble thank you.

The Sherlocks already have a hugely devoted fanbase, a promising sign in a crowded, competitive indie scene. Chants of “Sherlocks Army” rang out between songs and it was a raucous, memorable gig.

Now that the band finally have a record deal, the next step is their long awaited album. On the strength of their Foundry gig, the sky is the limit for a hugely promising up-and-coming band.

Photo credit: @TheSherlocks – Twitter

7th February saw The Tuesday Club deliver the goods once more, putting together a very strong line up.

Following several prior Tuesday Club appearances, Tank resident DJ Cloonee was first to take to the decks. As the room filled up, his blend of varied house music set the tone for what to be a versatile night in terms of the music that was played. It is clear that Cloonee has a huge amount of natural talent for mixing and song selection; his hour long slot finished leaving the TTC crowd on a high.

Gradually gaining more and more recognition, house music producer Endor, who has risen to prominence with ‘Fever’, was next up. The strength of his remixes was particularly impressive, taking the atmosphere up a notch. Judging from how much his set went off, it would be no surprise to see him return much higher on the line up at future events.

The night’s headliner Low Steppa wasted no time getting the crowd involved in his set through his upbeat song choices. Everything from his now iconic ‘Deep Inside’ remix to the immensely catchy ‘Running’ featured over the course of ninety minutes. Low Steppa effortlessly switched up genres in his set, while ensuring consistency; he was a great choice to top the night’s bill.

Last, but by no means least, was the legendary Cause & Affect. The standard had been set very high by the preceding acts but Cause & Affect more than rose to the challenge. Accompanied by an MC who did a very capable job of making sure the energy in the room was as high as possible, Cause & Affect treated Foundry to a solid hour of energetic bass house and deeper cuts, rounding off another well organised, top quality event.


On S14256449_10206665314063782_223647351_naturday 3rd October, the day had arrived to host the Young Minds Matter LX pop up festival event as a collaboration between Elevate Young Minds, Hantu Collective and EKA Palace.  The day began with final technical rehearsals and the set up of the art exhibitions from Portuguese based artists and graffiti work on the walls continued to be erected. As the day progressed we really began to get a feel for the space as it gathered atmosphere and character, the rooms were soon teaming with character and creativity. The team was hard at work throughout the day and artists and volunteers from the UK took part in a contemporary technique workshop lead by dance artist Kayleigh Price. The togetherness of movement helped to bring centering between everyone and we continued to be more focused throughout the day. The evening drew in and many other local Portuguese artists began to arrive to contribute in the creativity. A welcome talk was shared between the directors of EYM, Hantu and EKA including a short ice-breaker task where all participants called out everyone’s name in the room individually. The mix of culture in the space was phenomenal and people from all across the world were connecting over the passion for the arts.

6:30pm arrived and the show was opened with ‘Rise to Vertex’ by UK based14248780_10206665317303863_565954170_n Stitch Theatre, this lively piece set the scene
for the evening and soon the building was brimming with locals, tourists and holidaymakers who were passing through. The team had been hard at work with promotion and the posters that had been placed around the
city drew in a crowd who wanted to experience as much of the event as possible. The evening continued following a jam packed schedule of Contemporary Dance, Theatre, Live Music, Art and MC14285028_10206665250622196_827910711_o performances. As you wandered through the space there was always something around each corner to catch the eye, whether it be the delightful shop hosted by EKA or the work that was being sold by local artists,
the bar service was excellent and there was always a band playing that provided ambiance for the venue that only added greatness. The night ended with music and an MC performance that entertained the late night stopper who were able to dance and enjoy the experience until the early hours. The EKA Palace truly was a place of inspiration as the night time drew in and the lights on the iconic balcony glittered into the Lisbon skyline.

As a conclusion the EYM team combined with ongoing support from Hantu Collective, Lost Lisbon and EKA Palace was able to create an event that celebrated the work of artists from all across the world 14218596_10206665314143784_1120469065_nand they were able to join together in unity to share this passion. New connections and exchanges were made, many things were learnt and every person involved in this experience will be able to take away at least a shared experience of this artistic exchange. It was a pleasure as artists from the UK to be able to have the support to take part in this exchange and to share what we know with others, with this we were able to see how much more there is to creativity than what first meets the eye.

And with this, feeling very positive about the future the team moves forward on to the next venture and carrying the wonderful experience of artistic venture with them on too whatever the future holds next.