The 19th edition of Freestyle Session World Finals took place last November. With B-Boys and B-Girls travelling from all over the world to be in Los Angeles for the event.

Once again, just like at Silverback Open, there were many highlights of the event. Plus the competition level was insanely high! El Nino won the 1vs1 battle and FoundNation took first place in the 3vs3 battle. With Yasmin winning the B-Girl battle and Master Mace + Weapon X winning the kids battle. It really was a spectacular event!

This year now marks the 20th anniversary of Freestyle Session. With announcements already being made about the format of the battle. Re-introducing the crew battle to replace the 3vs3 – with the emphasis of only “real” crews being allowed to sign up. Will be interesting to see how the next edition unfolds!

The third instalment of Silverback Open Champs happened last October – and it was the biggest one yet! With a total of $100,000 given away as cash prizes throughout the B-Girl battle, 1vs1 and 3vs3 battles.

So many incredible moments happened. Including Remind (Style Elements) making it to the quarter finals of the 1v1s at 39 years old.

In the end, Narumi won the B-Girl battle, Thesis won the 1vs1 battle, and Pocket, Sunni + Kuzya won the 3vs3.

The competition is so tight and the level keeps growing each year. Almost every battle could be a final battle. The next edition will happen on Oct. 7th and 8th and we’re looking forward to being there!

Elevate Young Minds is pleased to announce EYM LX, a pop up festival for around 40 young artists in a cultural exchange based in Lisbon, Portugal. The one day festival will feature multidisciplinary art of all forms and is created around exploring connections and opening up cultural access to all.
This event was inspired by the passion of young collaborative artists and supporting artists on their ascent into the professional industry. At Elevate Young Minds, we believe it is important to foster and nurture artistic talent in all forms, and this exchange in Lisbon will provide opportunity to share work and to engage with others. Elevate Young Minds LX is made up of students from Leeds Beckett University (UK), artists from across the globe and volunteers and artists from Lisbon, Portugal.

Taking place on the 3rd September 2016 at EKA Palace, this festival will begin at 6pm and continue into the early hours of the morning. At EKA the artists will converge their diverse artistic mediums and approaches to create a fascinating one-day festival, combining theatre performances, street shows, concerts and an exhibition to reflect youth voice at an international extension.
Line up and ticket information is below:

Tickets: 3 Euro— Sale opens at 18:00

Exhibiting Artists: Beatriz Bagulho, Inês Brito, Alice Albergaria Borges, Madalena Wallenstein, Pedro Saúde, Sebastião Ribeiro Soares, Luana Sal, André Correia, Diogo Gama, Lisa Fernandes, Bárbara Faden, Carolina Caramujo

Film Artists: Clara Jost e Tiago Santos, Rita António, Cru Na and Ana Anix Antadze

Slam Poetry: Cru Na, Marco Galrito, Vitor Malvas, Ana Homem de Melo

Performance Line up (Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Concert)
18:30- (Outside) Stitch Theatre – Rise to Vertex. James Rowling, Martyna Kozanecka
19:30-( Inside) -This Land? Beth Ellis, Matthew Hill, Edenamiuki Aiguobasinmwin
20:00- (Outside) – Camisa
20:30 – (Inside) –Two, Daniel Phung and Kayleigh Price
21:00- (Outside) – Ossos D’Ouvido
21:30- interval – 30 min.
22:00 – (Concert room) – Império Pacífico
23:00 – (Concert room) – Morning Coffee
00h00 – (Concert room) – Maxi Zee
01h00 – (Schwarzwelt) – Vince Royce


We are also looking for volunteers from Portugal who are able to assist with the running of the festival, volunteers will need to be available on the 3rd September 2016 and passionate about supporting an arts based festival.

If interested please contact: 


In April we took our first ever trip to Milan, Italy for Like a Bomb. A 2vs2 battle comprising of invites from all over Italy – to qualify for Circle Industry 2017 in Salzburg, Austria.

Alongside the 2vs2 there’s also a kids battle and a Bombwall battle. The Bombwall battle, inspired by Crumbs (Style Elements), involves using a wall in your throwdowns.

This was our first time seeing many Italian dancers. From what we saw the level was high! A lot of great dancers that are generally unknown to the worldwide Breaking community.

Having said that there were a lot of hype battles that went down. Congrats to Ormus Klan (Yaio and Danilo) for winning the 2vs2 event, Fresh (Russia) for the kids battle and Frosties (Head2Toe) for winning the Bombwall battle.

Here’s some footage of the battles along with the recap:

The day after we explored Milan! Filming in different areas with Kacyo (De Klan). Seeing him break on concrete and uneven surfaces was incredible.

We enjoyed our time in Italy and wish to come back soon!

Shortly after Circle Industry we went to Marseille, France for Marseille Battle Pro. An international Breaking event that used to be called Chelles Battle Pro – when the event was held in Chelles.

They had 3 different battle formats: 1vs1 Kids battle, Crew battle and 1vs1 Bboy battle (as part of the World Bboy Series).

Bgirl Terra (UK) won the kids battle; Momentum Crew (Portugal) won the crew battle; and Soso (France) won the 1vs1 Bboy battle. Soso will be the first Bboy to qualify for the Undisputed World Bboy Masters event. Which’ll be held in Prague, Czech Republic in January 2017.

Our footage from this event has spread like wildfire! Resulting in approx. 20,000 new Facebook likes, 6M audience reach and thousands of new subscribers to our YouTube channel.

Overall we’re impressed with the number of new followers we have as a result of this. Hopefully we can go back next year!

For the first time ever we went to Salzburg, Austria for Circle Industry. The 8th edition of the largest Breaking event in Austria.

This year they had a 2vs2 battle and a 5vs5 Checkmate battle. The Checkmate battle is interesting because it resembles a game of chess. There’s a video here to explain that:

The event itself had a great vibe! A lot of energy in the room and the dancing was of a high level too. Lussy Sky + Drud (Navi) won the 2vs2 and Predatorz Crew (Russia) won the 5vs5 Checkmate battle. With Soul Mavericks making the finals of both battles.

Salzburg is also a beautiful city to visit! Everywhere you walk there’s always amazing architecture. If you need another reason to go to Circle Industry, it would be to check out Salzburg.

Overall the event was a success! Many international people were present at the event and it made for a great time. Looking forward to next year!

It’s been roughly 2 weeks since the 8th edition of Just Jam Intl. took place in Newcastle, UK. One of the only events in the UK that can foster a family atmosphere while showcasing a high level of dancing.

The event itself is part of the Juice festival. Spanning over the course of one week, they held dance workshops for everybody to get involved with. Beginners workshops of many styles for those that are new to dancing; and a bootcamp for experienced B-Boys and B-Girls.

The main aspects of Just Jam Intl. is the Jam & Juice theatre shows and the 1vs1 international breaking battle. All of which takes place over a whole weekend.

Many people flew from different parts of Europe and America to be at the event. This made the 1vs1 battles extremely interesting! The judges line up was something to boast about in its own right. With Artis (Spain), Maurizio aka The Next One (Italy) and Ken Swift (USA) gracing the judges seats.

After all the battles were over, Den (Ukraine) won the event – beating Echo (UK) in the final. Unfortunately the event ran over schedule so the battle rounds had to be reduced to save time.

One of the most notable observations of the event was the music. DJs KhanFu and Timber made the dancers focus on their dancing ability. Instead of playing high tempo beats they opted for keeping the music slow and funky. Which payed off dividends as the dancing and the vibe was definitely one to be remembered!

To conclude, this is definitely one of the best Breaking events (if not the best) in the UK currently. Year after year the event has gained popularity and managed to maintain an atmosphere that keeps people coming back for more. If you haven’t been to the event yet, save up for next year. It’s one not to be missed!

Last weekend people from all over the world tuned in to watch, what has been called by many as, “the best Breaking event of the year”.

To keep this post short, the level of dancing definitely surpassed all my expectations. So many surprising moments that made me jump out my chair.

This year was different in a number of ways. The qualifiers were efficient; with 3 different qualifying cyphers that managed to run on schedule (so I hear). A sum of $100 was given to the top 100 dancers from the 1vs1 qualifier. Even if someone missed out on qualifying for the top 32 battles, they’d still be awarded $100 if they placed 33rd-100th.

At the end of the 2-day event, Victor (MF Kidz, USA) won the 1vs1 battle and 7Commandoz (Hong 10, Wing, Skim) won the 3vs3. That means 7Commandoz will be competing in the 3vs3 at Freestyle Session World Finals 2015. While Victor will be competing in the 1vs1 at both Freestyle Session and Undisputed in December!

A lot of memorable battles took place. Here’s a few videos that Stance took from our time there:

Or, you can watch the livestream footage from both days and witness just how epic the event was!


The Silverback Open Championships are just around the corner. Taking place on October 10-11 2015. Once again, people from all over the world will travel to Pennsylvania, USA to experience an event of epic proportions.

To start, let’s recap on Stance’s experience at their first event last year.

The level of dancing was extremely high! Boasting a 1vs1 line up consisting of dancers such as Kareem, Menno, Wing, Thesis, Niek, Moy, Intact, Issei and many more world-class bboys. The 3vs3 was no different; with crews like Squadron, LOZ, Super Crew, Beast Coast and Last Samurai (Gravity, El Nino, Thesis) battling to win. Thesis took the win in the 1vs1; Squadron were victorious in the 3vs3; ABGirl won the B-Girl battle.

One of the selling points to the event is the prize money. Because this event is a product of UDEF (Urban Dance and Education Foundation), prize money is given out to everybody that qualifies from Top32 onward. With a budget of approx. $50,000 for everybody who qualifies.

This year is no different. The overall winner’s prize money, for all their battles, is standing at $90,000. Spread across a 1vs1, 3vs3 and bgirl battles. They’ve also released all the entrants for their battles. If everything goes to plan they’re going to see, in terms of number of entrants:dance level ratio, the best line up at a Breaking event ever.

Go to for more information on UDEF and Silverback Open Championships. We’ll be back there this year!