For some, Christmas, or any celebration at this time of year, for example the Winter Solstice and celebrating the return of the sun – is a time for sharing love and positivity with the people in your life. As well as often; good food (lots), and gifts!

But how do you apply a minimalistic approach to gift giving, rather than a crazed shopping spree in the lead up to this celebration?

Of course, you could not buy any gifts, and just share time and love with the people in your life. I think it’s important to remember that gift giving is not mandatory, even though it can seem like it in today’s society, in which we all take on the role of consumer. There are so many other ways to enjoy the winter/holiday season with your family and friends other than buying gifts. Gifts are just things, and things don’t bring happiness, and as I have learnt the hard way, things can clutter up your home and life, and sometimes they can really weigh you down. However, in the spirit of this time of year, the gift of giving, and caving to societal pressures – Here are some ideas from me to you.

I think an important perspective for minimalistic gift giving, is quality not quantity – give with intention – buy or create something which you think the person would really love rather than just buying lots of things because you are expected to. There isn’t really much point in just buying a lot of things which have no meaning to you or the person receiving them, apart from the fact you spent money on them. This may seem obvious, but I think it takes time to really fix this in your mind and apply it to your shopping habits.

Along side the idea of not buying gifts, could be to make the decision with your loved ones to give the money you all would have spent on gifts for each other, to charity. So the gift would be for yourselves but also for others at the same time. People are often incredibly generous this time of year, so why not give to a cause you really care about and the people (or animals) who really need it.

If you wish to give someone something for them, a great idea for a minimalistic gift is to buy or give someone an experience. What are they seeking? Are they open to new experiences? For example, something adventurous or adrenaline filled; a day out at an event; a class or workshop in something creative; or if you are close, a trip you could take together. There are so many possibilities with this kind of gift and ways to tailor it to a specific person. I think it can be a really personal, special and generous gift; to give someone an experience.

However, if you want to physically give something to your loved one, here are some things I like to think about when buying or creating a gift for someone:

Where are they in their life, or what phase of their life are they in? What is something they are in need of, physically or mentally? What will benefit their mind, body, spirit? What will be good for their wellbeing? What will positively benefit their life; something they can actively use in their life at this time? Think about the present moment. Maybe there is something they have already expressed desire for, or that embraces something that they love and makes it special – for example, if someone loves to draw, or has expressed an interest in wanting to start; some really nice drawing pencils and a sketchbook would be a personal and attentive gift. Again, taking on the idea of quality over quantity. I really like the idea of facilitating something for someone, which they have wanted to start doing, with the gift you give to them.

A good idea for minimalist gift giving is to give something disposable; items that can be used up. For example, food and drink, incense, candles, beauty or body products (perhaps homemade). I like to create hampers of special foods and items, while considering the questions and ideas above. Sometimes I will create gifts inspired by the idea of mind, body and spirit, or wellbeing of the receiver.

I also look for things that feel nice in your hands; pleasing objects; things that you think it would be nice to own yourself. I really like the feeling of buying something that I would be happy owning myself, for someone else.

So, that’s all I’ve got – good luck finding the perfect gift, navigating the maze that is end of year consumerism, and enjoy your winter celebration and the end of another cycle around the sun.


These are some thoughts and ideas i have gained from from personal experiences, and things i have found to be useful when feeling low, down or negative.

When you feel down, finding joy in things is hard, but i think the trick is to start small, every small victory counts and is important to your overall happiness.

In no order.. take from this whatever may help you.

Make A Plan

Whether it be a plan for your day or a plan for the future, planning will remind you of your goals and aspirations, however small. Planning gives you something to work towards, to focus on. Make a list, a mind map, visualise where you want to be. Make time for things you enjoy and that will benefit you mentally, physically, spiritually.

Start Something

Start a project, start reading a book, start learning a skill, practice something you love, anything, whatever it is you want to do, just start. This can be the hardest part, but try thinking about the positive impact this will have on future you; starting something you want to do, now rather than the instant gratification of deciding to do it later. This ‘something’ doesn’t have to be life changing, but feeling like you are achieving something, and actively working towards something will make you feel more positive.

Positive Affirmations

Tell yourself positive things about yourself. When you constantly tell yourself something, you will begin to believe it. When you continually tell yourself ‘I am sad’ or ‘I am bad at -‘ you will continue to feel this way. If you start telling yourself ‘I am confident/happy/beautiful’, this is what you will become in your mind, and therefore what you will radiate.

Treat Yourself Better: Get Active

Get up (I know this can be the hardest part)

Go on a walk, run or bike ride, practice yoga, attend a class, start a sport; find something you enjoy. Moving your body, breathing fresh air, being around other people, or taking time for yourself, will give you an energy boost, and your body and mind will thank you.  Endorphins! – Scientifically proven to make you happy.

Treat Yourself Better: Eat Better

You really are what you eat. What you put in to your body will ultimately affect your physical and mental well-being. When you feel good internally you are able to feel good externally too, so treat your body well and you will feel mentally better and healthier.

A good idea would be to set up a routine of what you consume, drink water when you wake up, hot water with lemon, or green tea; take this time for yourself. Plan and prepare your meals, and think about this when you are purchasing food, this way you wont be tempted to just snack on anything. Again, make each meal an important part of your day, make time to prepare and enjoy your food. Eat with intention.

Mental health and physical health often go hand in hand.


Sometimes your environment can have a massive impact on your mental health and mind. If your environment is cluttered, often your mind can be too, if you are in an environment which is not benefiting you mentally, change it. It could be something as simple as changing, clearing out or tidying your personal space, this change in physical space can have a big impact on your mental space. Remove the clutter from your life. If it is an environment which is out of your control, either leave, because it is not making you happy, or try and change this space in your mind. You decide how you view a situation or environment, you decide your reaction. This links back to positive affirmations; if you are telling yourself you are unhappy, you will be. It is easy to dwell on negative emotions towards a place, person or situation. However, if you come in to an environment or situation with acceptance and openness, think about how it is benefiting you, think of this as a phase in your life, what are you learning? Then it is easier to accept and see the positive and beneficial aspects.

Another important tip is to realise where you find your energy, is it being around people? or being alone? Think about where you need to be to recharge, go there.


Personally i have found this to be one of the most important revelations for my own happiness. It seems obvious, but i think feeling gratitude for the simple things, the basis of life, is something which really helps you become a more positive person.

Firstly, gratitude for your body – look at all your body is capable of, your body is so strong and precious, it is what gives you freedom, how can you feel negatively towards something that gives you life? Secondly, gratitude for the earth and this life – watch a sunrise or sun set, experience the elements, be. I think when you stop and look at the beauty of this earth you will be overwhelmed.

To live gratefully is a skill you learn over time, but it is something which will change your life.

Let Yourself Feel

When you are feeling down or negative your instinct is usually to try and push it away and ignore it, but instead, try being in the present moment.

Your feelings are valid, they are part of what makes you human. Let yourself feel everything fully, do not try to push it away; acknowledge and experience it, accept it for what it is, then move on. Dwelling on feelings is useless to your personal growth, accept the emotion or situation for what it is and let go.

Take time to reflect, this might also help you find or pin point the root of the negative emotions, and therefore help you let go.

Let Go

This is again one of the most important things i have found for finding happiness within myself. Letting go of negative emotions, towards myself and others, honestly changed my life in such a positive way.

Sometimes you will revel in your negative emotions. You feel stuck in a rut, stuck on negative thoughts and feelings.

Try letting go of the emotions which are not serving you. When certain emotions become useless or even hindering to your growth, realise that you are only causing yourself harm by holding on to them. I realised this once i read these words – ‘Holding on to anger is like holding on to a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else, you are the one who gets burned’ – This applies to all negativity, when you are holding on to something negative within yourself, you are only hurting yourself. When you let go, the weight will lift and you will be free.

Be Mindful.

Be in the present moment. Let your mind be still. Feel your breath, feel your heart beat, feel your eyes in your sockets, your skin on skin, feel your body existing right now, concentrate on what you are doing, be. When you focus on experiencing your present moment, your fears of the future and anxieties of the past will leave you, being in the present is where you will find your true happiness.

You Are In Control

Realise you are in control of your mind and emotions.

What you think; the emotions you feed; you become, you radiate, you receive.

Everything you need in order to find your happiness is inside of you.

Honestly, i still have to continually remind myself of these things, i am still learning and growing, as we all are. Hopefully these ideas and practices can help you on your journey in some way.

Into its fifth week of the new season, the Tuesday Club is back in full swing after Bondax excited the packed out crowd last week. This Tuesday, it was the turn of the critically acclaimed producer and DJ, Four Tet, to carry on the legacy of this club night at the Foundry.

With it being my first visit to The Tuesday Club, yes I’m a first year; I was excited to see what the widely renowned club night could offer.

Supporting Four Tet, real name Kieran Hebden, were DJ’s Stoaty and Barely Legal. Stoaty couldn’t have warmed up the crowd any better, playing the Jamie xx hit ‘Gosh’ set the bar high early on and gave club goers a sense of what’s to come. Barely Legal’s eclectic genre spanning set was a delight on the dance floor. Tracks ranging from Gorillaz ‘Clint Eastwood’ remix to JME’s ‘Man Don’t Care’ to DJ XTC’s ‘Functions On The Low’ made sure that every member of the audience was not disappointed.

After being designated a two-hour set, it was clear that fans would get an exclusive look into Four Tet’s record collection. Opening with ‘Digital Arpeggios’, recorded on his Percussions project, Hebden wasn’t waiting around. The staccato and repetitive chords build up to a series of bass thuds, which pulsate around the room. Rightly so, the crowd go wild and Four Tet can only go higher from this point.

With the crowd on his side, Hebden continued to please by playing the co-produced Jamie xx track ‘SeeSaw’ and the C2 remix of Caribou’s ‘Your Love Will Set You Free’. Then came the moment that most had been waiting for, his unique remix of Eric Prydz’s ‘Opus’. Having first heard this at Warehouse Project a month ago, hearing this live is a definite must for all fans. As the song transcendentally builds up to its inevitable euphoric drop, it immediately changes direction to a darker and heavier place. As a result, the crowd go wild bouncing up and down in delight.

From this point, Four Tet continued to showcase his genre-spanning musical knowledge. Mixing his unique collaboration of Cheryl Cole and Ellie Goulding on ‘Back 2 The Start’ adds a flawless piece of UK Garage to his set. The most unexpected moment of the night came towards then end as Hebden ambitiously mixed Jack Ü’s ‘Where are Ü now’ and it worked. As the set began to draw to a close the spin of Joe’s ‘Thinkin About’ was a huge hit with the crowd and a perfect end to a stunning set.

As another successful Tuesday Club night comes to an end. The legacy Four Tet has left is sure to tempt me to visit again.

four tet 2

Written by: Bill Edgar

Photography: Elouisa Georgiou

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[TICKETS] Blonde @ TTC: 27/10/15

The Tuesday Club 13th October: Bondax & Friends

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Bondax and their uncomplicated style of easy-going piano house were the perfect pair of young northern DJs for providing a night of bouncy, funky and simple tunes to get hundreds of students moving. With their ‘Friends’ in tow, the continuously ascendant duo managed to pull off an accessible yet solidly danceable night.

Jax Jones, the first support, gave a good, tight set of mellow house bangers. A slightly less commercial prospect than the headline act, he exploited his relative unfamiliarity to big effect. The beats were light and funky with a chill West coast influence, made obvious by the sampling of Kendrick Lamaar’s great ‘King Kunta’.

However, Bondax showed to be truly deserving of the praise frequently given to them. Often cited as heirs to Disclosure’s house throne, what they lack in the latter’s all-around mastery they make up with an incredible sense of fun. Tunes like ‘Gold’ pop with an immaculate sheen that make them irresistibly dancey, and hits like ‘All I See’ are perfectly calculated attempts to make the crowd go wild. To their credit, it all worked—there’s an irresistible pull to the light, breezy and catchy house beats they peddle, and I would deny anyone to not have fun at one of their nights.

Finishing off the night was Moon Boots, who played some incredibly mellow deep house at pretty much the exact tempo required to bring me down from the fizzing energy of Bondax. While they can verge on over-sugary at times, Bondax’s set tonight was an example of their settling place in British house music—never missing a beat, these two producers were able to put out beats that belied their age and experience.


Written by: Freddie Mitchell

Photography: Elouisa Georgiou

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The Night Kitchen 9th October: Flava D

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The Night Kitchen has undoubtedly become a sacred haven for underground music in Sheffield. Recently featured in “The Guardian” as one of the UK’s top ten clubs, the renovated cutlery factory has gradually matured into arguably Sheffield’s finest party location.

With the ever-expanding popularity of the Night Kitchen, the line-ups have inevitably become more substantial. On Friday, the sold out venue welcomed an artist who must feel she is yet to reach the precipice of a career that has already reached dizzy heights- her name “Flava D”.

The page 3 model equivalent of bass music, it is important to note that Flava D is not just a pretty face. She has been an indispensable component in the garage/grime scene for years. Consistently releasing tracks on record label “Butterz”, she has seamlessly crafted her own signature sound in a heavily condensed industry. She has avoided being pigeonholed through nomenclature, refusing to be tied specifically to one genre, shown in her multi-faceted album “More Love” and her most recent hip-hop reboot of “How Deep Is Your Love”.

In her “Rhythm & Gash” remix she not only has a track that consistently gets “reloaded” across every DJ set in the country, it appears that she has now made solid inroads into the mainstream. With further releases such as “Bump & Grind” and the continuing success of early release “In the Dance”, it is a certainty that she will be a bass music mainstay in the coming years. The past year has borne the fruits of her efforts and she is now playing the biggest gigs of her career so far, and selling her very own snap-backs!

With the dark sounds of “Distro” and Sheffield’s very own bassline junkie “Dr Cryptic” also on the bill, the night was gun-finger frenzy from the minute it started to the eventual 6:30am climax. With the minimalistic lighting in Night Kitchen, the music firmly takes the fore and the sound system has notoriety across the Steel City.

Unbeknown to many inside the venue however, Flava D was to play the “graveyard” set of 4:00am until 6:30am as she had an earlier arrangement in Oxford to finish before making her way North. This news was greeted with considerable disappointment in the bustling smokers’ pens outside. To Sheffield’s credit, the late set time changed very little as what only seemed like a handful of “party go-ers” had bailed to beat the sunrise home before her set.

Within the hour of Flava D beginning though, some fatigued onlookers made their way to the exit or the seated areas outside and in. This was no insult to the music on offer, more the fact that 5:00am is rather late for the headliner to start ravaging a dancefloor with hefty basslines after five previous hours of unrelenting beats. Some have the stamina, some don’t.

As expected though, the South London producer tore the dance floor apart with a set that featured an abundance of her own savage productions and tracks from other UK bass varieties. The mixing of bassline bangers from figurehead “DJ Q” and new big hitters in “Conducta”, “Notion” and “Holy Goof” seemed fitting considering the bassline history that continues to pump through the city’s musical veins.

With the near perfect blend of classic garage, grime and bassline, the set passed in a flash with a constant “screw-face” plastered upon every person in the room.

It was high-octane business throughout and at full-time the leggy ravers exited the intimate venue alongside a weary looking Flava D who swiftly entered a taxi.

After Friday night she will always be welcome back in Sheffield- hopefully back at Night Kitchen, in a prime time slot.


Written by: Tom Hargreaves

Fresher’s week saw The Tuesday Club season start with a bang, seeing Chris Lorenzo, DJ Zinc and Etherwood being invited to grace the decks of the sweatbox that is Foundry & Fusion. As we have come to expect from the team at The Tuesday Club, they have delivered another semester of performances with artists spanning a number of genres from Four Tet, to this week’s guests Kurupt FM, also stars of hit BBC3 TV show, People Just Do Nothing, who host their own club night Champagne Steam Rooms.

The Tuesday Club often promote Sheffield’s up and coming producers and DJs with this week being no different. Sheffield Trio Denham Audio warmed-up the night in the main room, with their indiscriminate mix of house and bass music which had The Tuesday Club loyalists bouncing from the moment they set foot into the Foundry.

With a short break in the smoking area chatting nonsense with legless ravers we headed back inside to catch legendary garage producer and DJ Wookie, who did not disappoint. Wookie, who has several Boiler Room appearances under his belt, delivered a blend of old school garage with more recent bangers such as Solo 45’s “Feed Em To The Lions” and his own remix of Sia’s “Little Man” under his Exeman alias.

Kurupt FM’s own DJ Steves bigged up Wookie before showing us what Champagne Steam Rooms is all about by delivering a gritty 4/4 set infused with grime instrumentals. Steves had the room two-stepping restlessly and showed the heads how garage is done in London. Having been invited to perform on BBC Radio 1Xtra’s SixtyMinutesLive and the Charlie Sloth Show we knew we were in for a treat, but Kurupt FM’s live performance combined with the energy of the Foundry made for a very special night. MC Grindah, Beats and the rest of the Kurupt FM crew performed “A Dis One” and the place went off.

Steves dropped Youngstar’s “Pulse X” which had even the older faces in the Foundry screaming for a reload. Despite their TV show People Just Do Nothing being produced in a mockumentary format, there were no hints of comedy in their live set which, although surprising, was negligible because they had the Foundry moving for the full hour they performed. MC Grindah didn’t take the spotlight as expected; inviting Beats to spit over the instrumental from the Artful Dodger remix of Jaheim’s “Just In Case”, paying homage to a garage classic.

The Tuesday Club resident Andy H closed the night alongside MC AOB which ended things nicely and cemented the fact that this had been quite possibly the most enjoyable Tuesday Club event I have been to in the past two years.



Written by: James Williams

Photography: Elouisa Georgiou

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Charity Fashion Live was thought up by freelance stylist Emma Slade Edmondson who teamed up with Oxfam, Love Your Clothes and Recycle For London to create an ethical fashion show during London Fashion Week.

On the 19th September Emma will be recreating LFW looks from high fashion designers in real time as they appear on the catwalk using only the second-hand clothes that are available at the time from an Oxfam charity shop in Dalston. On the Monday after the event, CFL will be releasing a short video to prove that it was all done live, on the spot in real-time.

Speaking to Huffington Post, Emma said “I wanted to prove that you don’t need a massive budget to be on trend and that fashion should be accessible to everyone. To me this throwaway approach to fashion and textiles detracts somewhat from the real beauty of fashion – creativity and expression. Many of us use those clothes as a form of self expression so there’s a necessity for ethics in fashion – surely if we are talking to the world about who we are through what we wear, it should feel good all round.”

The idea is to get more people visiting and buying their clothes from charity shops and any attempt in the fashion world to be more sustainable and ethical can only be a good thing so we love this project here at Rad Times!

Finally we’ll end on some tips Emma gave to the Huffington Post on charity shop shopping:

Emma’s Top 3 Tips For Vintage Shopping

Sometimes charity shopping can seem a bit daunting if you’re not a seasoned pro, so here’s my top three stylist tips for nailing autumn/winter 15 on a charity shop run:

1. Beginners – don’t browse

In some respects, if you’re unprepared, charity shopping can feel a little like shopping on Boxing day. For those who are not accustomed, I find it’s best to go at it with a clear idea of what you’re looking for in mind, to avoid feeling overwhelmed or unsure.

Decide on an outfit you need for an occasion and look firstly for a key piece you can build around. This key piece can either be from the charity shop or it can be from your existing wardrobe, and if this is the case be sure to bring it with you.

2. Look for the golden rail

I’m not sure I should be sharing this but I’m going to anyhow! Because of the way the sorting is done in charity shops, more often than not the lovely volunteer staff will be well adept at curating and putting aside all of the best bits.

What this means is that you should keep a keen eye out for the golden chalice, the pirates treasure, the cherry on the top of your sundae…. of rails. Now I can’t promise it will always be there but in my experience there will often be a special rail somewhere on the floor with many of the best goodies on it.

In some shops this will be a vintage rail and others it may have something fairly recent from a top designer. Have a look for it on your first few visits and soon you’ll develop a knack for spotting it within minutes of entering the shop.

3. Don’t try to mirror an era

Instead, mix your eras!

If you add a pair of retro 90’s high tops or sneakers to a cheeky little 60’s dress you’re going to look much less like you stepped out of your nan’s closet and more like an accomplished style maven.

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“Sit up straight!” my mum used to say to me as I slouched over my peas and pizza at the dinner table. Little did I know that such a posture was cutting off oxygen to my brain and muscles, most likely only adding to my atypical teenage attitude and quite possibly leading me to an early grave! But fear not, this great little video explains why my mother, and likely yours to, were right all along and the simple things you can do to make best use of your body and live longer. Or read on for my little summary…

I’m sure you’d agree that a slumped position will lead to back problems but what I wasn’t aware of was the lack of oxygen to your body this causes through reducing your lung capacity. Imagine sitting for 5-6 hours a day and your lung capacity is reduced by 5-10% for that whole time. Your brain which (bombshell) needs oxygen to problem solve, be creative, communicate etcetera is not going to be running at full pelt. Who knows what feats you could achieve if only you sat up straight at work, at uni or in the studio.

The video, based on Dr. Murat Dalkilinç’s research, goes on to highlight some other important benefits to keeping yourself up-right and moving during the day and avoiding long periods of inactivity. Long term, inactivity has been linked to some types of cancer, kidney and liver problems, heart disease, diabetes and researchers have found that something as avoidable as inactivity causes 9% of premature deaths per year world wide.

So what’s the solution? All it takes is getting into the habit of sitting up straight when seated, treating yourself to regular little stretches and getting up out your chair for a walk around when seated for long periods of time. Making these small changes day-to-day will over time have a huge impact on your health so have a little word with your future self and do it for them.

Want more seated video action? Here’s a similar video focusing on posture:

Posture, movement and mindfulness of our bodies were also explored at an ‘Awareness Trough Movement’ workshop I did a while back which I’ll cover some other time so if your interested in how you can use your body to improve your brain and vies versa watch out for it!

Thanks for reading,


My name is Steve Anwar, I’m a 36 year old designer/artist and meditation teacher based in Sheffield, England.

Most people know that I love and teach meditation, but not everyone knows why or how I came to find it. I’m not embarrassed or bitter about what happened to me but equally I’m not someone that shouts about it all the time either, if someone asks or if the time seems right then I will walk them through my journey, the question that often opens the door is ‘how did you get into meditation’ there’s no getting away from it and I happily proceed to tell them the full tale:

It was 2005 when I first fell ill, having just graduated from university the previous year I headed straight off to the USA for a life changing trip that lasted several months it was on my return that I started to experience a different life changing situation, the exact cause is still a mystery but I started to experience a boom and bust type of illness which gradually worsened over the course of a year to the point that I could barely walk a few steps, I had become extremely ill with severe ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) a condition that causes severe disabling fatigue and many other symptoms. I was completely bed ridden for almost 5 years and dependent on my family for everything which led to me to being rehoused to a single level home where I was wheeled around in a wheel chair by my mother.

Long story short, I would say meditation was the key ingredient on my recovery path, it expanded my mind and opened the door to other holistic therapies and brain training programs that quite literally transformed my health/life and helped me to finally get back on my feet after years of trying everything and anything without success. I quite literally had to build my life back from scratch, walking a few steps and going outside were new experiences for me so it took a lot of will and determination to build my strength & energy. I’ve been back on my feet for about 5 years now and I’ve been meditating and practising other techniques ever since without missing a day for more than 9 yrs in total. I started teaching it as soon as I was well enough about 2 yrs ago which was something I’d dreamed of while ill in bed.

Words can’t describe how much of a valuable asset this ancient process has been and continues to be in my life. The first thing meditation helps with is, it changes how we perceive the world and events around us, it gives us a wider & deeper view of reality and ourselves, I started to see this horrible situation as a massive opportunity, I started to ask myself questions like: what would I do when I’m back on my feet? and how can I use this time positively, it was a combination of designing in my head and meditation that kept me sane and probably saved my life in the end… putting me on a completely new path towards my deepest dreams and desires.

Fast forward several years to the present day and I now run my own design studio making ideas & objects (some from that time) into reality. I have exhibited my design work at the London Design Festival twice and Sheffield Design Week. I’ve also had my products featured in national design magazines ICON, ON Office, Dezeen and was selected for the ICON yearbook 2014. As mentioned I also teach meditation running various classes and courses in Sheffield as well as work for other design companies as a design consultant part-time. These are my 2 biggest dreams & passions in life, you could say that meditation is the yin to my design yang.

On office magazine 2014

On office magazine 2014

Icon Oct 2014

Icon Oct 2014

These seeds have grown considerably over the years & continue to grow everyday… this journey through illness has not been an easy one but it has given me new eyes, a new perspective on life and taught me many of life’s secrets, secrets that I now want to share with others, if only I would’ve known these secrets before my illness perhaps it may never have happened? Saying that though I have always been a big believer that everything happens for a reason… and I am now thankful for it happening to me because it has completely changed my life direction and made me a more grateful, resourceful person. I think good things will always come from bad it’s how the whole universe operates, the dynamic interplay of yin and yang opposites.

As a happy end note I’d just like to share one last memory, this one was just a few months ago at Christmas. My partner Helen and I spent a month roaming through Thailand and Cambodia visiting some amazing places it was the the trip of a lifetime, something I’d always dreamt about while in bed.. the idea of it kept me going through those dark days I would mentally visualise myself there meditating on white sandy beaches. And when I finally got there in the flesh it didn’t disappoint one bit.. its goes to show that dreams can come true… with a bit of patience and persistence!


Learn the ‘Secrets of Meditation’ with Steve this October in Sheffield. Sign up to his Un:Mind newsletter for course/class dates and all things meditation :

Check out his design studio website too: