Young Minds Matter LX- VOL2

In the 21st century, where a number of environmental and political catastrophes have lead the human race to an undeniable period of uncertainty, the hopeful, fresh voice of the youth seems more essential than ever. However, we as artists, perceive things differently. Our nature causes us to analyse the situation in a much more poetic way, a way that looks back into the routes of the problems and deconstructs the factors of these issues in their entirety. We are by default to repeatedly analyse and try to find reasoning in everything. Hence, now, when our nation needs us the most we ought to gather our forces and use our artistry as a medium, not only to unite, but to bring awareness to the youth.

Our exchange program ‘Young Minds Matter’ is a youth lead international exchange project where young artists from European countries converge their diverse artistic mediums and approaches to create a fascinating three-day festival, combining theatre performances, street shows, concerts and an exhibition to reflect current youth voices on post Brexit, Islamophobia, xenophobia, mental health, hate speech, racism and violent extremism in Europe.

How to apply? 

Our application form requires the artists (from any field/related field of the artistic industry) to clearly state their creative direction in a few words. The description does not need to be long but  preferably summarised , giving a clear idea of the artists’ intentions and subject of interest. The idea is that all participants want to actively raise awareness about global issues and use their voice to inspire and give hope to the younger generation of a sustainable future in terms of economy, ecology, politics, etc.

Participants accepted on to this program will have the opportunity to create a variety of new work, by engaging in an experimental film project, a performance project and an interpersonal exhibition collaboration. All applicants should be ready to adapt, network and grow through their interaction with other fields of the artistic industry. As cross disciplined collaboration is the main concept of the expedition all participants should be aware of its importance as the only medium of personal and collective growth

Programme dates: 4th – 13th September 

Application deadline: 17th July 2017

Request and application form at: / FB: Elevate Young Minds 

Note that you will be required to self fund or join fundraiser to cover the cost of the programme.

This project ran in a similar fashion last year with great success and we look to continue to grow by bringing new artists with fresh ideas into the fold. We look to promote new work and push boundaries by encouraging the experimental work being developed throughout Europe and across the globe. Every artist has their voice embedded in their work, let us use this to create a better world for not only our generation but the many generations to come.

This week’s Tuesday Club put four huge names on one line up – living legend Slimzee, fast rising grime star AJ Tracey and Sheffield scene staples Dr Cryptic and Forca. As usual, Andy H provided the first hour of tunes. He established the tone of the night perfectly with some inspired selections; there’s no denying TTC’s resident selector’s expertise or ability to warm up a crowd.

The founder of the independent Chip Butty Records, Dr Cryptic’s strong back catalogue includes My Style’ and ‘My Selector’. He took things up a notch in Foundry with huge basslines and impressive remixes. Cuts including bassline versions of a Whitney Houston song and the Countdown theme showed off Cryptic’s skill and creativity.

Next up was Forca, performing his very first solo live show but few people would have guessed. He already has a likeable stage presence, interacting well with the crowd and teasing a number of VIP and new tracks which show huge promise.


After half an hour, the stage was set for AJ Tracey. He immediately had the crowd entranced, causing chaos at the front and dropping massive tracks throughout the set. ‘Leave Me Alone’ and ‘Buster Cannon’ showed why everyone from Zane Lowe to BBC Music have tipped AJ as big in 2017. Rounding off proceedings with ‘Thiago Silva’, a collaboration with Dave, AJ justifiably remarked that the crowd was one of his best of 2016.


Seeing out the night was Rinse FM co-founder Slimzee, whose involvement in pirate radio and the grime scene across the years has been key to the success and development of many high-profile MCs. In keeping with his reputation, Slimzee delivered a huge hour of exclusive dubplates and grime classics. His years of experience were evident in how he commanded the decks, rounding off another TTC with a well curated range of acts and an electric atmosphere.

They do so much more than that but you need a short snappy title don’t you? Anyway yeah, these guys are promoting a healthy lifestyle and fresh diet whilst raising awareness for and joining the dots between climate change, social justice, organic gardening, environmental awareness and hip hop.

DJ Cavem (aka Ietef Vita) and Mixmaster Alkemia (aka Arasia Earth) run seminars, workshops and community programmes through their organisation Going Green Living Bling which include a culinary concert called “Food On Fleek” and screenings of their documentary “From Gangs To Gardens”. They are dedicated to promoting an organic and healthy lifestyle from setting up a grocery store/grow space called The GrowHaus where you can buy and grow organic vegetables, to releasing a vegan cookbook called Damn Near Raw and releasing an album/curriculum called The Produce Section: The Harvest, this couple are up for educating and promoting  a healthy lifestyle through any medium they can get their hands on.

Ietef was nominated for the 2014 Music Educator Grammy, has spoken at TedXManhatten and was even invited to The White House for the 127th Easter Egg Roll to perform their Culinary Concert.

“My goal is to promote the idea of holistic health, permaculture, urban agriculture, yoga and culinary wellness. Unfortunately, sometimes there’s almost a resistance to anything like that in our community. For example, in my school programs sometimes I’ve had to disguise yoga as breakdancing, math and engineering as music production and language arts as poetry and spoken word. I try to teach the students about how they can create their own business in urban agriculture. I also have a curriculum that introduces educational plant-based cooking, as well as juicing and raw foods. I have a lecture series that covers EcoHipHop, food justice, gang intervention, race and politics, organic gardening and graffiti art. I even lead a class called HipHop Yoga.” Ietef tells NBC.

Needless to say, trying to promote this kind of stuff to communities where there’s literally more liquor stores than grocery stores is no easy task but the couple have thrown themselves at the challenge whole heartedly and their sincerity definitely shows.

Check the couple’s Ted talk below:


Elevate Young Minds is pleased to announce EYM LX, a pop up festival for around 40 young artists in a cultural exchange based in Lisbon, Portugal. The one day festival will feature multidisciplinary art of all forms and is created around exploring connections and opening up cultural access to all.
This event was inspired by the passion of young collaborative artists and supporting artists on their ascent into the professional industry. At Elevate Young Minds, we believe it is important to foster and nurture artistic talent in all forms, and this exchange in Lisbon will provide opportunity to share work and to engage with others. Elevate Young Minds LX is made up of students from Leeds Beckett University (UK), artists from across the globe and volunteers and artists from Lisbon, Portugal.

Taking place on the 3rd September 2016 at EKA Palace, this festival will begin at 6pm and continue into the early hours of the morning. At EKA the artists will converge their diverse artistic mediums and approaches to create a fascinating one-day festival, combining theatre performances, street shows, concerts and an exhibition to reflect youth voice at an international extension.
Line up and ticket information is below:

Tickets: 3 Euro— Sale opens at 18:00

Exhibiting Artists: Beatriz Bagulho, Inês Brito, Alice Albergaria Borges, Madalena Wallenstein, Pedro Saúde, Sebastião Ribeiro Soares, Luana Sal, André Correia, Diogo Gama, Lisa Fernandes, Bárbara Faden, Carolina Caramujo

Film Artists: Clara Jost e Tiago Santos, Rita António, Cru Na and Ana Anix Antadze

Slam Poetry: Cru Na, Marco Galrito, Vitor Malvas, Ana Homem de Melo

Performance Line up (Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Concert)
18:30- (Outside) Stitch Theatre – Rise to Vertex. James Rowling, Martyna Kozanecka
19:30-( Inside) -This Land? Beth Ellis, Matthew Hill, Edenamiuki Aiguobasinmwin
20:00- (Outside) – Camisa
20:30 – (Inside) –Two, Daniel Phung and Kayleigh Price
21:00- (Outside) – Ossos D’Ouvido
21:30- interval – 30 min.
22:00 – (Concert room) – Império Pacífico
23:00 – (Concert room) – Morning Coffee
00h00 – (Concert room) – Maxi Zee
01h00 – (Schwarzwelt) – Vince Royce


We are also looking for volunteers from Portugal who are able to assist with the running of the festival, volunteers will need to be available on the 3rd September 2016 and passionate about supporting an arts based festival.

If interested please contact: 


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Atlas Studio Dance shoot-85Atlas Studio Dance shoot-149

Set at atlas studios and lead by Rob Felon, the studio houses up to 4000m2 of industrial backdrop of an old cotton mill situated in Bolton. We personally saw it as an artistic playhouse, there was endless possibilities in the studio, with dancer techniques ranging from ballet to breakdance. We were keen on letting this young minds loss in the studio, to improvise and develop interactive concepts for camera.
Atlas Studio Dance shoot-17 Atlas Studio Dance shoot-98   Atlas Studio Dance shoot-47

our main focus was adapting the body to interact with the space, working with such old and forgotten space the goal was to bring it to life with a vast range of dynamic vocabulary.

Atlas Studio Dance shoot-103 Atlas Studio Dance shoot-104Atlas Studio Dance shoot-102


Jamie Foxx, has been hailed a hero after saving a driver from a burning truck after a crash just outside the actor & singer’s home in Hidden Valley. The driver is said to have been speeding and became trapped in the burning truck after he struck a drainage pipe and some concrete sending the vehicle spinning and rolling until eventually it came to a stop on its passenger side and caught fire.

Foxx heard the crash, called 911 then rushed to the scene of the accident. With the help of another neighbour, they smashed the window with EMT scissors, cut the seatbelt and pulled the driver to safety.

Biggups Jamie Foxx!

If you hadn’t already noticed, we love Chance The Rapper here at Hantu and Rad Times. The dude just gets better and better, and this latest instalment in his life/career is no exception.

Chance has joined forces with Detroit based social enterprise The Empowerment Plan. This non-profit employs previously homeless people living in shelters to sustainably manufacture long, waterproof, self heating coats that also turn into sleeping bags to be distributed amongst the cities rough sleepers.

Let’s just go over that again incase you missed it. They employ previously homeless people, they provide currently homeless people with a warm, waterproof, self heating coat, and that coat can then be turned into a sleeping bag or rolled up into a tote bag.


Each coat costs around $100 to manufacture, and Chance has set up a crowdfunding page for people to donate money to the cause. Since launching the Warmest Winter initiative a couple of days before Christmas, the page has raised close to $60,000, and is running until January 13th. The aim is to raise $100,000 to make 1000 coats to distribute around Chicago’s homeless.

Chance is using various incentives to try to get people to donate including tickets to his shows, tickets for Chicago White Sox and tickets to Chicago Bulls games. As well as hopefully distributing 1000 coats around the city, The Empowerment Plan also hopes to set up a factory in Chicago to carry on the good work.

Biggups Chance each and every time.

So A Tribe Called Quest were on Reddit the other day doing an AMA. CLICK HERE if you’ve got a spare few minutes it’s a decent read, here’s some of our favourite questions & answers from it:


Q: What was it like working with Dilla?

A: Jarobi – It was dope working with Dilla, seeing someone like you know had like minded sensibilties of the quality and the craft of the music. especially coming from Detroit. He was a super fantastic guy. I saw a lot a things personally that i didn’t see that didn’t see with Tip. Monumental producers, I saw things that I never saw before.


Q: What has kept you motivated to be in the music business for so long, when it seems to be something that is tiring, stressful and can wear people out?

A: Jarobi – It’s my pleasure being here. As long as you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. I think that’s what it is. It’s the love and the passion for what we share, and express ourselves that we get to do. We’re fortunate that we get to this. People are still interested after all this time.


Q: What’s the best break you guys ever found?! Bonus: Favorite record store?!

A: Tip – I guess …. shit… there’s been a few that I found that were crazy. Lonnie Smith, Stainless Soul

Record Store – Jazz Record Center in NYC and there was in Oakland, that was before Love and Hate… earlier.. it could have been Groove Merchant. Couple ones in Japan, I like. NYC used to have a lot of dope record stores.

Jarobi – Suzy’s Hymen bowing


Q: Any up and coming artist you that you like at the moment? I need some new music!

A: Ali – I like Logic, Pell, singer Eryn Allen Kane

Jarobi – Cazal Organism


Q: What’s the most inspirational pieces of advice you guys have heard?

A: Phife – Don’t Quit your Day Job

Jarobi – Train hard, say your prayers, eat your vitamins. Be yourself… “kid no one digs your music, but yourself”

Tip – Don’t worry be Happy.. Be like water.


Q: What is your favorite dinosaur?

A: Jarobi – Velociraptor..come on! That’s easy. If you ever wanna laugh, think of T Rex making a bed!!

Tip – or playing the piano