95 year old Edward Hardy joined his first band after returning home from serving in Japan during World War 2 and spent 40 years playing in a jazz quartet.

After being diagnosed with dementia and having to leave his wife of 75 years to move into a care a home, Edward understandably became depressed and longed for other musicians to jam with. Staff at the care home helped Edward place an advert on Gumtree asking for other musicians to jam with, and since placing the ad has been inundated with offers! Over 80 musicians have asked to jam with the war veteran and astonishingly 3 of his former band mates with whom he hadn’t spoken in over 35 years got in touch.

via SWNS

via SWNS

Edward has already jammed with a saxophonist and a double bassists and the original four piece jazz band are now in practice sessions for a reunion show.

“It is amazing so many volunteers have come forward to help me make music and it is marvellous that I have also been reunited with my old band.” said Mr. Hardy, “I have missed playing and when I do play now it makes me feel better and young again.”

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Friday the 30th of October was a big night, Nina Kraviz was in Sheffield and playing one of our coolest warehouses – Hope Works. I was one of the hundreds of lucky people to get my hands on a prestigious ticket. I hadn’t visited Hope Works since Jackmaster graced its halls exactly a year earlier, so I was extremely excited.

I arrived in style – by Uber I mean. We were queuing for almost half an hour, which I was okay with, despite the irritating ‘gap year’ student in front of me. There was an notable excitement in the air, some people had their best sports gear on whilst others were making an effort for the Halloween weekend.

Once in, I checked out the rave cave, notably different since I’d last visited as it’s now outside in a separate warehouse. Approaching it I was concerned as to where and what I was going to walk into as a huge black curtain covers basically a hole in the wall; although when lifted I was struck by lights and heavy techno. After it got too intense I headed to the main room to get myself a Dark Fruit, which i’m always happy to drink, an illustrious choice for the evening!

nina 3

The main room didn’t disappoint. I looked around and constantly caught people infatuated with the beams of green and purple darting out from the stage. As Nina honored the main stage with her presence she was smiling. The queen of techno had arrived. Dressed in a simple Levi’s t-shirt and jeans, she didn’t start off easy, instead delving straight into her darkest tracks.

All night I saw guys and girls having the time of their life, while Nina pursued darker and more intense beats. People were thrusting around and saluting their Red Stripes to her genius grooves. Cheers and whistles echoed around the room constantly for her entire set. She played half an hour longer than stated on the set list, but everyone welcomed and wanted more.

It was a busy, bustling and bright night, but amazing and well worth the 7am bed time. Hope Works is a great underground venue and never disappoints. Nina was incredible and I’m lucky enough to get to see her again on New Year’s Day 2016!

nina 1


Written by: Holly Dibden