Cousins Perry & Lee Stentaford were snapped earlier in December giving free sandwiches out to homeless people in London. The picture was picked up and spread around the internet pretty quickly, as these things do.

The response the two fellows got was overwhelming with people wanting to know how they can help, so the pair set up a crowdfunding page to raise money so they could give out more free food. Once again, the response was amazing and, instead of raising the intended £1000, the current total at time of press is £4306!

In an interview with the Metro, Perry said; “It all started with an idea that we wanted to do something good, however small, especially at this time of year. With what’s going on in the world we just really wanted to do something positive.”

Check their crowdfunding page HERE for more info & to add to the current total.

A Senegalese refugee who travelled from Morocco to Spain in 2007 with just €5 is one of  around 1,600 people in his new home town of Roquetas De Mar to win El Gordo (“The Big One”).

Winning Number via BBC

Winning Number via BBC

El Gordo is the world’s biggest Christmas Lottery and is that there is no single winner, the winnings are distributed between a few thousand people, and Senegalese refugee, Ngagne, was one of them this year!

Ngagne told Spanish media that he had recently lost his job as a vegetable picker so the winnings will go a long way to looking after his wife and family. He told the Spanish media; “I want to give thanks to Spaniards and the Spanish government for rescuing me when I was in the sea.”

So everyone seems to be on the Bieber hype at the minute, and whatever you think about him or his music this is a pretty nice thing to do. So according to the BBC the race for the Christmas No. 1 single was pretty close with the NHS Choir only 662 sales behind Justin Bieber’s single when the young opinion splitter tweeted this…

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 14.44.44

I mean yeah he coulda probably bought the charity single a thousand times himself or donated a bunch of money to the charities in question himself but, I dunno, the fact that he noticed and decided to say something and bring awareness to such a great cause when he really didn’t have to seems pretty rad to us.

The NHS Choir will donate the proceeds of their charity single to various health charities including Carers UK and Mind.

Download/Stream the NHS Charity Single Here!

Check the video below:

“Walls Of Kindness” have been appearing across various cities in Iran to help combat the poverty & homeless problems in the country.


The initiative appears to have started in the north-eastern city of Mashhad where a few hooks & hangers were attached to a wall with the words “If you don’t need it, leave it. If you need it, take it.”


The idea has quickly spread with donations of coats, trousers and other warm clothing appearing and disappearing as needed.


An 11 year old boy has returned all of his Christmas gifts to help pay for his grandmother’s best friend’s funeral.

Katrina Luck suffered a massive heart attack on Thanksgiving and has been on life support ever since. As the 48 year old didn’t have life insurance her family have set up a GoFund Me to raise money for her funeral.

11 year old Joseph Martin decided to return all of his gifts and put the money into the fund for his nan’s friend’s funeral simply “because I wanted to help my Grandma out, and she’s one of my friends.”. Joseph’s Grandmother was so proud of him she also returned all of her presents to donate to the fund too.

Check the video below:

When Torquay based barber, Tom Chapman’s close friend committed suicide earlier this year, he decided to launch The Lion’s Barber Collective.

The collective launched in September to coincide with World Suicide Prevention Day and comprises of 30 barbers from all over Europe who are passionate about male suicide prevention and raising awareness about mental health.

The aim is to provide a counselling service through barbers in which they hope to encourage men to talk about their problems more in a comfortable environment, they’ve named the initiative BarberTalk.

“We already have the trust of our clients and we are in a unique position that we must morally take advantage of – so we can help our clients and provide a safe place to talk,” Tom Chapman told the Huffington Post.

“Over time we can smash the taboo and make it okay for men to share their emotions with one another.”

Chapman and his business partner, Pat, have set up BarberTalk training programmes in which they offer training on how to recognise, talk, listen, and advise clients with depression or other mental health issues.

“We know that barbers do not have the time or official training to become councillors,” says Chapman. “But they will be able to be that first step and point people in the right direction.”

The initiative comes at a crucial time where suicide has been recognised as the biggest killer of British men under the age of 45. Turning a negative into a positive is what we’re all about here at Rad Times so we’re backing this fully.

Manchester based artists, Bipolar Sunshine and label mate Jazz Purple have recently been given one of the mythical Nando’s “Black Cards” which entitles the card holder and up to four friends free food from the Portuguese, peri-peri chicken chain.

As a fantastic act of random kindness, the two have been using the card to distribute the free chicken amongst the homeless populations of various cities around the country.

The pair were given the card after performing an acoustic set with Jess Glynn on the Nando’s stage at Bestival last year.

Check the video below to see the pair distributing the food around Manchester’s homeless community:

Arts University Bournemouth have started an initiative in conjunction with the Woodland Trust to plant a tree for every new student that enrols at the university. The aim is to reduce/offset the carbon footprint of the establishment as it expands and opens its doors to more new students.

The trees will be planted on the nearby Slades Farm Community Garden and is a response to the news that Dorset’s tree count is only at 11.5% coverage, lower than the governments’ target of 15%.

Dan Broadbent, president of the AUB Students’ Union said: “We hope the event will help foster the connection between AUB and the local community and perhaps more importantly, directly impact on the broader conservation/ecological issues which we all face together. Each tree will contribute to the offsetting the carbon footprint(s) of each incoming student. The project also presented the Students’ Union with a great opportunity to contribute to the  sustainability work achieved through the NUS Green Impact Students’ Unions scheme – for which we received Gold, the highest rating.”

Something to look at for a minute or so!

Back in 2013, during the “Winter Storm Nemo” YouTube user Brian Maffitt decided to point his projector out the window and project a movie onto the falling snow, and then film it. Looks pretty rad if you ask me.

Not much more to say about that I’m afraid except check the video below: