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If you hadn’t already noticed, we love Chance The Rapper here at Hantu and Rad Times. The dude just gets better and better, and this latest instalment in his life/career is no exception.

Chance has joined forces with Detroit based social enterprise The Empowerment Plan. This non-profit employs previously homeless people living in shelters to sustainably manufacture long, waterproof, self heating coats that also turn into sleeping bags to be distributed amongst the cities rough sleepers.

Let’s just go over that again incase you missed it. They employ previously homeless people, they provide currently homeless people with a warm, waterproof, self heating coat, and that coat can then be turned into a sleeping bag or rolled up into a tote bag.


Each coat costs around $100 to manufacture, and Chance has set up a crowdfunding page for people to donate money to the cause. Since launching the Warmest Winter initiative a couple of days before Christmas, the page has raised close to $60,000, and is running until January 13th. The aim is to raise $100,000 to make 1000 coats to distribute around Chicago’s homeless.

Chance is using various incentives to try to get people to donate including tickets to his shows, tickets for Chicago White Sox and tickets to Chicago Bulls games. As well as hopefully distributing 1000 coats around the city, The Empowerment Plan also hopes to set up a factory in Chicago to carry on the good work.

Biggups Chance each and every time.