Circle Industry 2016 RECAP

For the first time ever we went to Salzburg, Austria for Circle Industry. The 8th edition of the largest Breaking event in Austria.

This year they had a 2vs2 battle and a 5vs5 Checkmate battle. The Checkmate battle is interesting because it resembles a game of chess. There’s a video here to explain that:

The event itself had a great vibe! A lot of energy in the room and the dancing was of a high level too. Lussy Sky + Drud (Navi) won the 2vs2 and Predatorz Crew (Russia) won the 5vs5 Checkmate battle. With Soul Mavericks making the finals of both battles.

Salzburg is also a beautiful city to visit! Everywhere you walk there’s always amazing architecture. If you need another reason to go to Circle Industry, it would be to check out Salzburg.

Overall the event was a success! Many international people were present at the event and it made for a great time. Looking forward to next year!

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