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We love success stories! Alex Szabo-Haslam, a local sheffield designer has created a kickstarter campaign & managed to reached its target within 36 hours of going live! Check it out & grab a map tee or 10 on HERE
citee fashion citee fashion
Maps are personal to everyone – where you grew up, your first house, the best holiday ever.
Taking 80 custom-designed maps from cities all over the world and turning them into elegant,
stylish and great-fitting t-shirts. If you love maps, and wear t-shirts, this is literally right up your
The highly detailed maps are stripped back to their purest shapes. Leaving a minimal, modern
and distinctive design. From London to Los Angeles, Nottingham to Nashville, there are more
than 80 cities from across the globe for you to choose from.
Designer Alex’s Szabo-Haslam’s approach to design is obsessive, and this really shows through
in his work: every effort has been made to ensure roads, rivers, and buildings look beautiful.

citee fashion tokyo citee tokyo
Now the goal is to raise £10,000 to purchase printing equipment and premises to support local
artists and create jobs & last time we checked he’s just gone over the 2nd target.

T-shirts start at just £24 with additional bundle options.

We love the detail of each garment and the extra effort to include so many cities from around the world.
Not only that, he’s also supporting local artists and creating jobs.
Alex has utilised the power of crowdfunding correctly! We take our hat off to him for such an awesome project.

Twitter @CiteeFashion
Facebook SzaboHaslamDesign
Instagram @SzaboHaslam
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