Day 1 of Elevate Young Minds at EKA Palace and Lost Lisbon!

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The accommodation for all artists and volunteers was generously offered with sponsorship by Lost Lisbon, an arts hostel based in the heart of the city centre. The hostel offers a unique flavour of art that hints at cultural inspiration and quality with vintage items of cameras, televisions and typewriters. Upon arrival you were stunned by the historic staircases which made the centre of the building, Lost Lisbon although created as if it is an art exhibition, features classic spacious rooms, tinted with vibrant art and serine water views. The EYM team met together for a generously provided breakfast to begin discussing the plans for the festival and looking forward to the hip-hop cultural exchange which is hosted by the hostel itself. This juxtaposition of art, accommodation and hip-hop culture really creates a place to stay that is unlike any other, one that inspires.14233380_10206637329804193_1075910228_o

The festival is held by and located at EKA palace, a performance and arts building tucked away between the risen streets of the city. Walking through the front door provided stunning views with rooms tainted with cultural and intricate designs. The rooms are decorated with paintings and graffiti art, none the same but each bringing an aura of colour and life to the space. The outside veranda hosts again vibrant art with beautiful space where the heat of Lisbon can really be enjoyed. EKA hosts a range of clothing and an independent bar which supports the bringing together of the artistic scene.
EKA hosts events and exhibitions as a collective and it is through previous partnership that this collaboration came about. Between three spaces in the space, there is a room for art exhibition, dance and theatre performances and live music and slam poetry. This collaboration really allows for artistic generosity and exchange, artists are able to move through the space and be inspired continuously by all different forms.  EYM will be resident artists here for three days as we pass through this creative collaboration.


The first day of the collaboration featured technical rehearsals and classes lead by performers and experts in the industry who are interested in sharing their passion and talent. The first class was shared by Daniel Phung  from the UK who lead a contemporary dance exploration to reconnect the body and find peace in the city. We also saw technical rehearsal from Stitch Theatre, Daniel Phung and Kayleigh Price and Edenamiuki Aiguobasinmwin , Bethan Ellis and Matthew Hill.  Both artists and volunteers took the time to explore the building and prepare themselves for the festival before heading back to Lost Lisbon, where we engaged in a talk on the ecology of human relationship and non-violent communication. The talk really drew back the idea of unity between young people and artists and the day ended on a sense of peace and togetherness.

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