• Positive Psychology

Day 2 featured a day of cultural hip-hop exchange hosted by Lost Collective, who featured as a partner and enhancer in the collaboration with EYM and Hip-Hop Valley/Natural Collective from Portugal. The artists from the UK and Portugal came together for a day of cultural exchange not only in movement but through words as well. In a rap talk that was held, they explored what hip-hop means in their cultures and connecting over the similarities and differences.


A video presentation enlightened hip-hop battles over the last 10 years which spurred on a battle/jam between the UK and resident crew of Lisbon. The battle was thrilling to watch and was teeming with energy, life and vibrance as these people form all over the world connected through dance. The day did not end with dancing though, as Lost Lisbon generously provided dinner for all artists and volunteers at a small charge. The night then continued into local bar Copenhagen, where the dancers had space to move, cypher and network.


Whilst the exchange was taking place, the artist liaisons from the EYM team were at base at the EKA Palace putting together preparations for the following days event. This included creating space for art exhibitions, making the space studio ready for performers and making sure everything was running smoothly.
Day 2 was jam-packed for all involved in both performance and preparation, yet the day was strung together with thoughts of unity, exchange and collaboration.