• Positive Psychology


As the Tanzanian exchange has come to an end words cannot describe the amount of experiences our team has received. We unquestionably set off from the UK in order to offer as much as we can to the communities of Dar es Salaam, however we believed that at the end of the day we have earned and grown as activists, as artists and as human beings. Being in direct contact with the Tanzanian culture, all with the help of Baraka Chedego who has been more than hospitable, we were able to learn and prepare ourselves for even better and bigger exchanges for the years to come. While a lot of the collaborations/ knowledge exchange programmes/ performances were organised beforehand with the help of SAYI Tanzania, a lot more connections were made during our stay there. This only proves the power of art- of music and dance- and how it acts as the common language that bridges cultures and connects people together. Hence, a big thank you to ‘Nafasi’’ Art Space that welcomed us and shared a contemporary dance experience with the members of elevate young minds as well as the non-profit Makini organisation for allowing us to inspire and support the children and youth living and working on the streets in Tanzania to improve their life.   Special thanks to Angel of Youth, Forgotten Heros, Famn Entertainment, Chloe Bellou, Edenamiuki Aiguobasinmwin and maximilian zeuge.