Fashion Photography and Location Scouting

As somebody who likes to shoot on location as much as possible I’m always on the look out for interesting places and textures that can be used in my shoots. Downtown Toronto, and Toronto in general, is full of great options and a number of neighbourhoods that all offer something different. One of the downsides of being new to a city is you have to put in a lot of leg work to build up a catalogue of locations that you can use for your shoots which often means you spend a lot of time walking around, for example an 18.5 mile day location scouting just last week followed by a 10 mile day the next day.


Over the years of travelling and shooting, I have found walking to be one of the greatest ways to location scout. Other forms of transport are conducive to missing things that you can only see on foot when you’re taking your time to look around, checking back streets and options off the beaten track. My best advice is next time you’re visiting somewhere, forget the taxi rides and the subway and just walk. You’ll see far more than any travel guides can tell you.


Recently I had the opportunity to work with Yakira Glaim from Next Models Canada on a casual shoot on the streets of Toronto. To fit the vibe of the styling we wanted to find a location that would fit with the gritty, casual, fashion we had in mind. Not far from my apartment was an alley full of potential backdrops and interesting textures that was exactly what we were looking for.


We shot three looks for this one, finishing with a Calvin Klein inspired look.


Model: Yakira Glaim
Agency: Next Canada (
Makeup and Hair: Rachel Hilton
Makeup and Hair Assistant:  Jaclyn Forbes.
Yakira Glaim - May 2015 Yakira Glaim - May 2015 Yakira Glaim - May 2015
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