Hunting for the best Vintage clothing in KL

Malaysia has a temperature of 34 degrees, throughout the year. Followed by our insane raining season. The hipster scene is booming at the moment with a variety of influences from sub-cultures. Street style is enormous here. Everyone wants to look good but due to the weather, many find it pointless to dress up. The humidity takes away the ‘men in suits’ style. It is only acceptable on occasions.

You get a group of bearded Asian men with parkas, walking in the streets. They live by a hashtag from ‘Wok Doyok’ (a guy made famous with his charming suits) #akuyangpakaikauyangpanas. In direct translation, “Why are you feeling the heat when I am the one wearing the suit?” People just want to look good. They are hipsters anyway, they do not care what others think. It is a rare sight to see locals in tank tops, shorts, caps, and sandals unless they are heading to a beach or a jog. Spotting a tourist is easier.


Living in the modern world, money has become an alarming issue to many, especially with the younger generation. In order to be one of the cool kids or a hipster (coolest thing now) one needs money to impress. It is not a lifestyle that everyone can afford. There are ways to get cooler stuff with RM10 (£2) in your pocket.

Vintage shop hunting

My favourite past time. I would scout online for thrift shops and drive to it the next second! You will be very surprised with the gems you can find. My style is a mix and match from thrift shops, flea markets, and branded outlets. I do most of my shopping online via ASOS which has free international delivery.


Used but great condition Saucony Shadow All White trainers: RM90 (£15) Miqdam Bundle

Topman tube socks: RM30 (£5) Topman

Levis’ Tote Bag: RM60 (£10) Zalora

Lee Cut Off Shorts RM10 (£2) Chow Kit Bundle

Batik Print Shirt: RM30 (£5) Fresh Kids, Johore

The Hundreds Bucket Hat: RM120 (£20) Major Drop

Total: RM340 (approx.£56)

This is a list of my recommended spots for vintage clothing in KL and Klang Valley:

  • Chow Kit: branded clothing mostly for RM5 (£1)
  • Eagle Vintage Shop, Subang: Branded street wear in mint condition.
  • Amcorp Mall Sundays: everything from vinyl players to your kitchen sink
  • Vintage Moonriver, Submit USJ: most underrated shop due to its un-strategic location
  • Kota Damansara Flea Market: another man’s trash is another man’s treasure!
  • Jalan Raja Bot: used footwear heaven, with no defects
  • Pasar Seni: Chinatown! No one cares if they are fake. Everything is made in Asia anyway!


It looks a lot like Camden Town doesn’t it?


Great Condition Nike Airmax 90: RM100 (£19) Pasar Seni

Pestle & Mortar Board Shorts: RM30 (£5)  Bangsar Flagship Store

Lansi Striped T-Shirt: RM60 (£10) The Swagger Salon

Camper Hat: RM12 (£2) Jalan Raja Bot

Total: RM202 (approx. £33)

Style to me, is how you wear it. If you can afford it, sure by all means. You have to be very picky. Beautiful outfits does not necessarily look good on you. Understand your body type. Fall in love with colors and patterns. Dressing up is supposed to present individuality. It is for you to stand out from the rest. Be daring! Just imagine, what if, thrift shops and flea markets have publicity like the bigger brands we know? A Malay saying for thrifters ‘menyelam’ (diving) The deeper you are, the more pearls you will find.

My number 1 tip for ‘diving’, be sure to wear as simple as you possibly can. That way, you can just try them on without any hassle. Do not bring your oxygen tank, fins and goggles.

Any suggestions that you think I missed out?

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