Interview: The Reflex

Funk and Soul maestro, Craig Charles calls him a ‘genius’ and his remix work is both prolific and consistently brilliant. Ahead of his Sheffield debut this Friday 14 March at The Harley for Quality Control, we caught up with remix supremo The Reflex for a quick chat.

how the heck do you pick the tunes you go on to re-edit?

It all depends if I have the parts available, and how good they are separation wise, and how inspired I am by what I hear.

Have you ever met the original artists for tracks you’ve re-worked? Who gave best and who have worst reaction?

After doing ‘My Male Curiosity’ by Kid Creole, I got to meet his son who was a huge fan of my mix and so was the Kid. So much that he allowed me to release it myself on vinyl through Basic Fingers and now we’re supposed to release it digitally through Tommy Boy, Kid Creole’s current label. Worst reactions come from diehard fans, who haven’t got a clue about what I do and why I do it.

It’s a shadowy process, a bit like being a ninja, how the hell do you find the original parts for these classics?

You can read about the process in detail here in Greg Wilson’s blog, but basically…

He acquires the stems (each of the original multitrack tape channels) of an older, pre-digital, recording, and rebuilds it in his own way, contemporising it for DJ’s now. As with most of the re-edits these days, he quantizes these revisions / remixes (digitally manipulating them into strict time) so they’re DJ friendly”

My remixes are my own original productions in my view, for now anyway. Remixes are all I do, nothing else.

You’re prolific, how do you balance DJ sets vs studio time?

Focus, hard work, determination and time management.

What’s your ultimate re-vision?

Jackson 5 – ABC. Whatever I play after it, nothing can match its dance floor impact!

If you could choose one tune you’ve re-edited to have been yours from the start, which would it have been?

None, ’cause I couldn’t have reworked any of them if they hadn’t existed in the first place.

Anyone in the current producer model that you’re really in to?

Psychemagik. I like the way they’ve done the transition from edits to full production.

The Reflex plays a 2 hour set at Quality Control, The Harley this Friday 14 March.

Tickets only £3 advance! More info here:

> Hear the awesome classic re-fix by The Reflex

> Cheeky Free Download? Why not.

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