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Neda Taiyebi moved from her home country of Iran to Afghanistan in 2015 after visiting and liking the people. She had dreams of launching an art magazine however when that dream didn’t quite pan out how she’d hoped she decided to try and bring art to the people of Khair Khana using a very readily available medium…abandoned war vehicles.


Khair Khana is on the outskirts of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, and it’s residents have witnessed war for over three decades. As such, the area is literally littered with army vehicles, tanks and personnel carriers from when the Soviets left Afghanistan in the late ’80s.

After a long process of getting permission from the Afghan army, Neda was finally allowed, with the help of some army men, to paint the vehicles. Neda insists her work is neither political nor anti-war, but that she wanted to brighten the lives of the residents nearby and maybe make some people think and ask themselves some difficult questions about the nature of war.

via India Times

via India Times

Since our main mantra here at Rad Times is to celebrate positivity and creativity, this ticks all of our boxes; turning a reminder of difficult times gone by into something positive and creative. Biggups Neda! For more info check the Al Jazeera video below and more photo after the drop:

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Photos via India Times