Just Jam Intl. 2015 RECAP

It’s been roughly 2 weeks since the 8th edition of Just Jam Intl. took place in Newcastle, UK. One of the only events in the UK that can foster a family atmosphere while showcasing a high level of dancing.

The event itself is part of the Juice festival. Spanning over the course of one week, they held dance workshops for everybody to get involved with. Beginners workshops of many styles for those that are new to dancing; and a bootcamp for experienced B-Boys and B-Girls.

The main aspects of Just Jam Intl. is the Jam & Juice theatre shows and the 1vs1 international breaking battle. All of which takes place over a whole weekend.

Many people flew from different parts of Europe and America to be at the event. This made the 1vs1 battles extremely interesting! The judges line up was something to boast about in its own right. With Artis (Spain), Maurizio aka The Next One (Italy) and Ken Swift (USA) gracing the judges seats.

After all the battles were over, Den (Ukraine) won the event – beating Echo (UK) in the final. Unfortunately the event ran over schedule so the battle rounds had to be reduced to save time.

One of the most notable observations of the event was the music. DJs KhanFu and Timber made the dancers focus on their dancing ability. Instead of playing high tempo beats they opted for keeping the music slow and funky. Which payed off dividends as the dancing and the vibe was definitely one to be remembered!

To conclude, this is definitely one of the best Breaking events (if not the best) in the UK currently. Year after year the event has gained popularity and managed to maintain an atmosphere that keeps people coming back for more. If you haven’t been to the event yet, save up for next year. It’s one not to be missed!

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