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Friday 3 March saw The Sherlocks come home to Sheffield as part of a sold out UK tour.

Support came from Sundance and Oddity Road. Two promising local guitar bands in a similar mould to the night’s headliners, both delivered promising sets; expect big things from them in future.

A series of indie anthems over the PA lifted the spirits of the room even further before The Sherlocks finally took to the stage. Starting off with crowd favourite ‘Last Night’, they instantly got the whole room going.

They have come on leaps and bounds as a band since their first single and playing pub venues in 2014. Kiaran Crook’s vocals have matured to make him an expressive, ideal frontman, while the band have an enviably tight live sound, the result of non-stop gigs and festival appearances.

Singles ‘Escapade’, ‘Heart of Gold’ and ‘Live For The Moment’ opened up huge mosh pits across Foundry. Calmer moments came as unreleased tracks ‘Candle Light’ and ‘Motions’ showed their versatility as songwriters.

Ending on most recent single ‘Was It Really Worth It?’ and traditional set closer ‘Chasing Shadows’, the band seemed in disbelief by the reaction they drew as they said a humble thank you.

The Sherlocks already have a hugely devoted fanbase, a promising sign in a crowded, competitive indie scene. Chants of “Sherlocks Army” rang out between songs and it was a raucous, memorable gig.

Now that the band finally have a record deal, the next step is their long awaited album. On the strength of their Foundry gig, the sky is the limit for a hugely promising up-and-coming band.

Photo credit: @TheSherlocks – Twitter