Manchester Streetwear Brothers Donate Hats For The Homeless

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If you’ve lived in a major city in the UK for a few years you can’t help but notice the number of homeless people and rough sleepers has increased exponentially in recent times. In fact the number has more than doubled since 2010, with 3569 people estimated to have been sleeping on the streets on any given night in 2015. This is a 30% increase since 2014 and 102% increase since 2010 when the figure was estimated at 1768.

So, an independent Manchester streetwear company headed up by two brothers have decided to do their bit to help with the problem. For every beanie the guys sell they will donate another beanie to a homeless person. As the saying goes, every little helps and an extra bit of warmth will go far in helping a person sleeping on the streets especially as the temperatures drop quite dramatically as day turns to night.

Brothers Sean & Andy Geaney set up We Are What We Are whilst at University and have been selling online and in a pop-up store in Affleck’s Palace ever since. The brothers come across humble and sincere on their blog post explaining the scheme;

“Without trying to sound too much like a Hollywood film, we really felt motivated and inspired to try and help out in some way. Yeah it’s only a hat, but unlike a lot of monetary donations, we will all know exactly where the whole hat is going. And yeah it’s not going to change the world, but this is the best way we can help at present, being a small independent business that is just about breaking even (don’t tell the shareholders).”

via MEN

via MEN

The brothers told the MEN; “We were inspired by people we spoke to on the streets. The togetherness and resilience of groups like the Ark and the level of positivity of people on the streets. Whether it was poem writing, singing or rubiks cube making. So we thought we would use the little platform we have and turn our helplessness into a bit of action.”

They also added; “The dream would be producing and selling enough so that we could provide some employment for those on the streets to help them get back on their feet. We’re in talks with who to donate the bulk of the hats to at the moment as we’re sure a charity is going to be better tooled up to manage the donation effectively. We also make sure that all our products are made ethically and are fair trade.”

Biggups to We Are What We Are, BUY A HAT HERE & check their links below.

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