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Shortly after Circle Industry we went to Marseille, France for Marseille Battle Pro. An international Breaking event that used to be called Chelles Battle Pro – when the event was held in Chelles.

They had 3 different battle formats: 1vs1 Kids battle, Crew battle and 1vs1 Bboy battle (as part of the World Bboy Series).

Bgirl Terra (UK) won the kids battle; Momentum Crew (Portugal) won the crew battle; and Soso (France) won the 1vs1 Bboy battle. Soso will be the first Bboy to qualify for the Undisputed World Bboy Masters event. Which’ll be held in Prague, Czech Republic in January 2017.

Our footage from this event has spread like wildfire! Resulting in approx. 20,000 new Facebook likes, 6M audience reach and thousands of new subscribers to our YouTube channel.

Overall we’re impressed with the number of new followers we have as a result of this. Hopefully we can go back next year!