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I will start my very first post by saying that Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is my number one inspiration!

Although I have been writing for many years, I have never wanted to take such a bold step as to share my material with unfamiliar faces; people I have not know well enough to trust with the content or my mind and heart.

Adichie has taught me that I have a voice and that is okay! It is okay to have an opinion contrary to that of others and more importantly, I have learnt that if you have a gift of words, share it because it may inspire others, just as Adichie has inspired me. She has also made me extremely patriotic about my country. I am from Nigeria, a third world country in Africa that receives a lot of negative backlash in the media for things you may already know of, such as11891150_10207033867352383_8238809062792027035_n the boko haram terrorist group who cause havoc throughout the northern regions of the country; and the ‘419’ (email scamming) side of the country that people tend to focus on when they speak of Nigeria, along with the poverty that mercilessly sweeps through the country. Adichie teaches in her novels about the other side of Nigeria, the side that people who have not had the chance to experience it would not know. This is simply refreshing and encouraging!

With that being said, as well as sharing my poetry, I will be addressing some issues surrounding Africa as a whole, and I will also be discussing certain issues that I have an opinion on; whether it be religion, sexuality or the like.