Silverback Open Championships 2015 RECAP

Last weekend people from all over the world tuned in to watch, what has been called by many as, “the best Breaking event of the year”.

To keep this post short, the level of dancing definitely surpassed all my expectations. So many surprising moments that made me jump out my chair.

This year was different in a number of ways. The qualifiers were efficient; with 3 different qualifying cyphers that managed to run on schedule (so I hear). A sum of $100 was given to the top 100 dancers from the 1vs1 qualifier. Even if someone missed out on qualifying for the top 32 battles, they’d still be awarded $100 if they placed 33rd-100th.

At the end of the 2-day event, Victor (MF Kidz, USA) won the 1vs1 battle and 7Commandoz (Hong 10, Wing, Skim) won the 3vs3. That means 7Commandoz will be competing in the 3vs3 at Freestyle Session World Finals 2015. While Victor will be competing in the 1vs1 at both Freestyle Session and Undisputed in December!

A lot of memorable battles took place. Here’s a few videos that Stance took from our time there:

Or, you can watch the livestream footage from both days and witness just how epic the event was!


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