Silverback Open Championships 2015 – $90,000 of prize money!

The Silverback Open Championships are just around the corner. Taking place on October 10-11 2015. Once again, people from all over the world will travel to Pennsylvania, USA to experience an event of epic proportions.

To start, let’s recap on Stance’s experience at their first event last year.

The level of dancing was extremely high! Boasting a 1vs1 line up consisting of dancers such as Kareem, Menno, Wing, Thesis, Niek, Moy, Intact, Issei and many more world-class bboys. The 3vs3 was no different; with crews like Squadron, LOZ, Super Crew, Beast Coast and Last Samurai (Gravity, El Nino, Thesis) battling to win. Thesis took the win in the 1vs1; Squadron were victorious in the 3vs3; ABGirl won the B-Girl battle.

One of the selling points to the event is the prize money. Because this event is a product of UDEF (Urban Dance and Education Foundation), prize money is given out to everybody that qualifies from Top32 onward. With a budget of approx. $50,000 for everybody who qualifies.

This year is no different. The overall winner’s prize money, for all their battles, is standing at $90,000. Spread across a 1vs1, 3vs3 and bgirl battles. They’ve also released all the entrants for their battles. If everything goes to plan they’re going to see, in terms of number of entrants:dance level ratio, the best line up at a Breaking event ever.

Go to for more information on UDEF and Silverback Open Championships. We’ll be back there this year!

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