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Thanks for reading & welcome to #solidarityWorldwide.

What started as an idea, brought people from different beliefs, backgrounds together & now we’re inviting you to join in with us.



We are standing together to mourn the losses of so many innocent lives recently due to other people’s agenda’s. It is not a rally, and we do not want to bring any political or personal agenda’s to the table. This gathering is about RESPECT and UNITY.

What is just as sad and scary as the attacks themselves is the aftermath and segregation it is creating. Let us be together in this sad and troubled time not just to mourn but also to shine a beacon of hope for a safer, tolerant and more unified future. We are the solution.

What we did was just a catalyst to inspire others to take a positive step in their own surroundings,
Hold your own 3 minute silence in your area, just ask us for more information we will gladly let you know how we did it.

Download your own and use #solidarityworldwide & we will feature as many as we can on our Instagram & Facebook page.

# S O L I D A R I T Y W O R L D W I D E