Tattoo Artists with Uniquely Colourful Styles

Once an indicator of status or a mark of past deeds, tattoos are vastly leaving their negative connotations behind and have become a very personal form of self-expression. Adored by the majority and misunderstood by many, tattoos are a very grey area in society and can be quite controversial (lover’s name, anyone?) yet there has never before been such an array of styles and designs which, if one chooses not to have permanently inked onto the body, can at least be admired for the works of art they are.

This is an article showcasing my favourite tattoo artists who produce work in a particularly colourful way, which if you have seen my art, you can understand why these artists appeal so much to me.


Katie Shocrylas / instagram

Katie Shocrylas is by far one of my favourite tattooists, from her all inclusive colour palette, to her intricate line work, to her bold and quirky designs; I love it all! There is a lot to be admired from an artist who can take an array of bright colours and stylised designs and still create a classy and rich piece of art.

Ondrash / instagram

One of the things I admire about the art of Ondrash is his use of negative space and the deliberate placement of his lines. My very favourite piece of his is the first photo, of the sphynx cat with the extended sharp line, contouring the cat down the body. It’s very easy to be in awe of a artist who can make the ink ‘glow’ on the skin.


Amanda Wachob / instagram

I love how immediately striking Amanda Wachob’s designs are, with clashing primary colours of thick purposeful strokes and abstract shapes which she brings together to create a tattoo with an eyecatching and strong design.

Lianne Moule / instagram

I feel like the main attraction to Lianne Moule’s style are the beautifully delicate and realistic roses she creates. There’s definately an appreciative talent when an tattooist can create defined petals from the negative space within a watercolour-style flower, and then infuse complimentary and bright splashes of colour throughout!


Sasha Unisex / instagram

I feel like no tattoo article which focusses on those artists with bright and immediately recognisable styles would be complete without including Sasha Unisex. Her work is so undeniably her own with the way she manages to omit the use of line work and instead creates her watercolour designs entirely as adjoining shapes of colour, very geometric in style. Her main focus is animals, developing watercolour illustrations on paper before exactly replicating the design onto skin.


I really hope you enjoyed my feature of tattoo artists who create very striking and inspiring art, through the use of colour, bold shapes and designs, and sometimes by simply leaving a space empty.

Tell me, which piece is your favourite? If you know of an artist that I would bloody LOVE and I haven’t yet discovered, please leave a comment or let me know through the social media channels linked!

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