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15 year old William Gadoury from Saint-Jean-de-Matha in Lanaudière, Quebec has discovered an ancient Mayan city without leaving his home town!

The teenager has been fascinated with the Mayans and their culture for years and was examining 22 Mayan constellations when he discovered that if he projected them onto a map, the constellations coordinated with the locations of 117 Mayan cities. Gadoury then took his project further by examining a 23rd Mayan constellation containing 3 stars, but when he projected this one onto a map it only coordinated with 2 Mayan cities.

Gadoury was convinced there had to be another Mayan city and after contacting the Canadian Space Agency, who were able to obtain satellite images from NASA and JAXA, he discovered there were indeed geometric shapes with a pyramid and 30 buildings exactly where he had predicted. Once this find is confirmed it could be fourth largest Mayan city in existence.

“I didn’t understand why the Maya built their cities far away from rivers, in remote areas, or in the mountains,” Gadoury explained to the Journal De Montreal. The teenager has presented his findings to two Mexican archaeologists who have promised that he’ll be able to join on their excavations of the area so he’ll be one of the first people to see his discovery in the flesh!

“It would be the culmination of three years of work and the dream of lifetime.” Too right! Biggups little man!


Gadoury Visiting The Canadian Space Agency // Facebook