Travelling and Collaborating as a Fashion Photographer



Over the past two years I have lived in three different cities, in three different countries, on two different continents. That’s the life of a travelling fashion photographer. When you’re continually moving an important part of your work life, and personal life, is the need to network.


If you have never worked on a fashion shoot you may be surprised about how many people are involved. Obviously there is the photographer and a model but on top of that you need to think about makeup artists and hair stylists, you need to think about wardrobe stylists. Further to this there will typically be an agent involved and depending on the project a client as well. In order for a shoot to come off not only do you need to have the network to find all the pieces of the puzzle but you all need to be able to work together to ensure things go as well as possible.


That brings me to what I’ve found to be the most important part of my creative career – collaboration.


Fashion photography is not all glitz and glamour. To be honest it’s rarely glamourous. Collaborations are often needed when it comes to updating your portfolio, or testing out new ideas, but as a travelling fashion photographer they are an essential part of the networking process. Unless you’re a huge name photographer, you’ll typically always have to suck it up and work for free. Finding other high quality creatives to collaborate with gives you the ability to produce quality work that benefits everyone involved. Furthermore it gets your name out there to an industry/area you’re not yet known in.


Below are a selection of collaborative projects I’ve worked on over the past couple of years to demonstrate what can be achieved when creatives commit to a collaboration.


First up is a collaboration I did in Copenhagen in Denmark with fashion blogger Ilirida Krasniqi ( and Danish fashion house Ema et Malina (
Ema et Malina


Next up is one of the bigger collaborative projects I worked on while I was in Minneapolis, USA.


Model: Nicole Peelman
Agency: Ignite Models ( | 10Mgmt (


Hair and Makeup: Kristine Loehrer (
Stylist: Sam Perry (
Wardrobe: Moth Oddities (


Finally, here is one of my recent collaborations since my move to Toronto.


Models: Yakira Glaim & Bex Newlove
Agency: Next Canada (
Hair and Makeup: Angela Lee (
Stylist: Marta May (
Top Left – Top: The Jetset Diaries (,
Skirt: Three Floor (,
Shoes: Heelboy (
Top Right – Clothes: Zara (,
Shoes: Heelboy (
Bottom Left – Dress: Contrarian New York (
Bottom Right – Dress: Yearn Jolly Sage (
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