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This month UK Rogue State joins me for the guest mix on the rotation show. I quizzed him about his extensive career in music.

UK Rogue State has been on the Sheffield scene for a long time now in various different musical projects and guises. He recently announced he was re starting R8 records and starting to release new music again where both announcements were received a great response. It’s good to see him bar8wpck!

1) I first remember meeting you at one of the Sheffield Cypher events back when loads of the city’s DJs and MCs would pack out a room and freestyle for hours. You were on the mic but also had your own beats. What came first DJing or MCing or producing? Was it all Hip Hop or were you doing other styles before that?

I started off playing guitar and writing songs for my grunge band Stoned – F when I was 12. I then got my heart set on production and Mcing when I was 15; I was into all sorts, Hip Hop, D’n’B, Deep House, old 70’s funk, all sorts. Back then it was more hardware based and equipment was expensive so I struggled to do what I wanted to do creatively. It became easier when things moved more to software especially when Reason came along and you could do everything in there, I used that for quite a while then went back to Cubase. I was MCing in a 9 piece band called Ujigami from 97 for several years, I think that had just come to an end when I met you, quite a lot of the band left for Uni.

2) You have really put the work in over the years, what projects have you worked on so far?

I’ve worked with loads of vocalists over the years, too much to mention. I spent a long time working with OBNT as Orchestrated Assault and I still work with him, he’ll be doing some releases on R8. I’ve done stuff on different labels but I’ve mainly focused on our label. I play guitar and sing, jamming with mates; I’d quite like to do the band thing properly again.

3) You were very instrumental in pushing early Dubstep in the city, I clearly remember you being very confident that it would become main stage music back in the days when there were only a handful of tracks actually realised. What attracted you in those very early days when most people had never even heard this style of music?

Well, I was making garage and grime a lot at the time, some would now be classed as Dubstep I guess. I’d been hearing the term ‘Dubstep’ on late night 1xtra and Rinse mixes etc. My label partner Alex Deadman put on Sheffield’s first Dubstep night with Youngsta, I was blown away by the sub and skanky vibe of tracks by DMZ and Tempa etc on the big Sama Roots system. At that point I decided Dubstep was good genre to settle into.

4) I know Mix Master Mike from the Beastie Boys was a big fan, how did that come about?

I don’t really know! It came as a bit of a surprise, we got a call from Q Magazine to get a photo for the article. The Beastie Boys were one of the groups that got me into Hip Hop with ‘Ill Comunication’, I rinsed that album! I was buzzing for a while after that, the thought of ‘Lions Paw’ getting a load of play on their tour bus was awesome.

5) A few years back you went off to London to study and push your music. What brought you back to Sheffield?

To be honest, I found London quite a hard place to live, it’s so big and it can be difficult socially with all the travel. Because I went down for Uni, I didn’t have much time for promoting my music, even though I was making a lot in my spare time.

So what’s in store for R8 and you as an artist in your own right?

I don’t know haha! My brother Luke Autograff has joined me and Alex running the label, we’ve got similar taste in dance music, which is good. I’m really excited about the Sheffield bass scene and the way it’s heading. I feel it’s finally getting the respect it deserves. I’m enjoying writing tunes and doing vocals as Liam Sam, we now need to get on the promotion and DJing around more like we used to. We want to rep local producers as well as talent globally, people that have a pioneering mentality. I like music to be experimental whether it’s a different bass sound, a slightly different rhyme, whatever.

Get 20 (yes 20) free tracks on thier bandcamp page right here : – r8recordsuk.bandcamp.com


Richie Brains – Bring Dat Back ft. Killa P
Ticklish – Lost
Philthkids – Cyber Sapiens
Future Wildstyle – Once Again
Champion – Chrome
Simula – LVPK (Skepsis Remix)
Pharaoh K – Duke
Majora – Moves On (Killjoy Remix)
Majora – Rio Citrus
Negativ – Stealth VIP
Future Wildstyle – Original Big Up
Norse – Forgive

Old School Dubstep Mix
Darqwan / Oris Jay – Said The Spider
Skream – Midnight Request Line
Matty G – 50,000 Watts
Coki – Burnin’
Cotti — Let Go Mi Shirt (feat. Kingpin)
Mark One – Stargate 92
Benny Page – Step Out
Rogue State – Root Of All Evil

UK Rogue State Mix
UK Rogue State – Street Light (2016 Remix)
UK Rogue State – Brock Out Your Sound ft Multiplex MC (Extended Club Mix)
UK Rogue State – Who’s Myth Are You
UK Rogue State – Mystical Sound
UK Rogue State – Gallowglass Riddim
UK Rogue State – We Enter Riddim
UK Rogue State – Get Hot
UK Rogue State – R-Type Artillery
Liam Sam – Pressure
Liam Sam – Bubbling
D Double E – Bad to the Bone
DJ Sox ft DJ Kay Bee – Stalker
Deadbeat UK – Bleak
Holy Goof – Anyone
Nativ – Brukout (Flava D Remix)
My Nu Leng – Warrior