Young space

A collaboration between

Hantu collective

RBF Photography

Young minds matter

Atlas Studio Dance shoot-85Atlas Studio Dance shoot-149

Set at atlas studios and lead by Rob Felon, the studio houses up to 4000m2 of industrial backdrop of an old cotton mill situated in Bolton. We personally saw it as an artistic playhouse, there was endless possibilities in the studio, with dancer techniques ranging from ballet to breakdance. We were keen on letting this young minds loss in the studio, to improvise and develop interactive concepts for camera.
Atlas Studio Dance shoot-17 Atlas Studio Dance shoot-98   Atlas Studio Dance shoot-47

our main focus was adapting the body to interact with the space, working with such old and forgotten space the goal was to bring it to life with a vast range of dynamic vocabulary.

Atlas Studio Dance shoot-103 Atlas Studio Dance shoot-104Atlas Studio Dance shoot-102


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